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  1. Plug your shit

    Thanks! We have no clear idea what kind of game we want to attach to them yet, we've just been thinking of cool scenes and things and makin' em. It's really fun. I currently am kind of thinking of some kind of first person adventure game where you use the car to get around, and keep your "inventory" by physically throwing stuff in the trunk, and stuff. Also that's a sweet wolverine UH
  2. Plug your shit

    Thanks for the feedbacks you guysssss. Yeah it's slightly troublesome to keep everything at roughly the same level of detail. I'll probs make the cabin less detailed lookin'. Here's a new pic, mostly because those fake trees in the background totally make it better
  3. Plug your shit

    I made this on a whim in two hours and think it's cool
  4. The great Valve re-play

    Today I played some more with my Razer Hydra and HL2 with my semibrother. It actually turns out to be really really rad once you get the hang out it. After a while I was headshotting dudes like a pro with the magnum, and because you're physically aiming the gun it kind of feels like you earned it. I made a video illustrating a few of my favourite things you can do with it - shooting around corners, stabbing stuff with the end of the crowbar, shooting backwards over your shoulder, using the crossbow scope as binoculars. Quality is terrible but it may interest ya'll. This one time in Nova Prospekt I busted through a door, fired my magnum, headshotted a dude, realised I was out of ammo, got auto-switched to the crossbow and went nuts - without aiming down the scope, fired three times and headshooted three combine soldiers. I basically quick-drew a crossbow and fired "from the hip" and miraculously won. It was awesome. Video not up yet at time of writing but should be in a few minutes.
  5. The great Valve re-play

    Decay was on the long-lost Dreamcast port too! And it's been ported to PC now. It's pretty good. Pretty much just HL2 and Portal 2 so far for me. For HL2 you need the VR mod everyone's using with their Rift, and a bunch of patience to make it playable without a Rift. For Portal2 you need the motion DLC which you can email Sixense to get for free.
  6. Plug your shit

    I'll have a read of your things tomorrow and poast. Also, this evening I did a blog post of my own, which is pretty rare. I whinge about my game, greenlight, and the razer hydra. Link in sig.
  7. The great Valve re-play

    Oh, dang.
  8. The great Valve re-play

    Just buy it from here and get 50% off
  9. Life

    Shit, dude. I just read about it. Thank fuck he's making such a recovery. All the best etc.
  10. The great Valve re-play

    It's mainly technical stuff yes although there are a few tiny gameplay things that carry over from the newer version of the engine - in the original HL2, supply boxes didn't smash if you just punted them against a wall with the gravity gun, you had to pick up and throw, shit like that. Things they broke were mostly to do with HDR. The original HL2 maps were not made with HDR in mind, and the Mac update where they updated the engine to one with HDR in it, they didn't tweak anything, so the maps were often over-bright and gross. On Breen's propaganda screens for instance you often couldn't see his face because it was so overexposed. Sky textures were also all stretched because they were a lower resolution than the new engine expected, etc. Lots and lots of other things, all fixed with the steampipe beta as far as I know. Achievements are there now too, but that came in with the Mac update ages ago. So today I got a razer hydra and spent a while trying to make the VR mod work with it. I don't have a Rift yet so it took some doing to make it hydra-only and I wasn't able to look up or down. But it was sweet. You can wave your crowbar around manually. Favourite two things: you can physically reach out your arm to poke your gun around corners and shoot without exposing yourself, and instead of using alt fire zoom on the crossbow you can just hold the scope up to your face. Fun fact: a really early press build of HL1, from about a year before it shipped, was leaked a few months ago. In it, headcrabs are about twice the size, kill you instantly, and have sphincters. Like...buttholes.
  11. Plug your shit

    I have actually been wanting that myself. Also I will assume you meant for my screenshot and thank you very much
  12. Plug your shit

  13. Plug your shit

    Here's a picture of a weird project I've been working on with a guy this week
  14. The great Valve re-play

    Valve have actually started patching HL1 and HL2 again lately. A few years ago they updated HL2 to 2007 version of the Source engine and broke a bunch of things in the process which they finally fixed a few weeks ago. I'm not completely sure, but I think you currently have to opt in to the "steampipe beta" to get those changes. Which you should totally do.
  15. Feminism

    Is it controversial? I think everyone in that video pretty much agrees with that statement
  16. Steam Greenlight

    Yeah, seriously. Also this LP'er guy, Northernlion, tweeted this: Like what the fuck, guys? Also, it turns out bitching about Greenlight on Twitter is a good way to get Greenlight votes. Who knew.
  17. Dear Esther

    This game is excellent and also, as someone who's worked with the Source engine, completely off the hook insanely gorgeous and an incredible achievement. It must have required many times more gruelling work to create those environments on Source than it would have on more modern engines. It's actually one of the best looking vidjagames I've ever seen.
  18. Oculus rift

    Yeah. Worst. woah this forum has weird interpretations of emoticons
  19. Feminism

    I think Mona Sax in Max Payne 1 and 2'd be worth a mention. In 1 the only time she's ever in trouble she gets herself out of it offscreen, and in 2 Max is repeatedly put in the damsel position whereupon Mona valiantly saves his ass.
  20. Full Bore: Now on greenlight, with new trailer!

    I totally pimped your vidjagame on my tweeter
  21. Favorite Game Of All Time

    Might be Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. I may write about it later
  22. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

    It's awesome in singleplayer too. GOTY for whatever year it was.
  23. Weird Medical Shit

    Yesterday I pulled something bizarre out of my belly button. You know, on second thought I'd rather not talk about it...
  24. Video Games With Dynamic Music

    It did indeed. Different levels of intensity for whether you were sneakin' around all cool, or someone suspects you're around, or you've been seen and are having to run away, with little riffs blending each into the others. Plus, Amon Tobin.
  25. Curiosity – What's Inside the Cube?

    So Bryan Henderson gets to be the God of Gods in Godus, and also hopefully gets Fat Stacks. I guess this is a reasonable prize. It's pretty hard to not be relaxed when Molyneux's voice is echoing around that room