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  1. I predict this every week, and every week, I thought this was an excellent episode of Peaks Rewatch. My fave was the bandaid acknowledgements though.
  2. I just checked that out and the camera does move and that's totally a twig and leaf He's at the side of the road, but he's looking at another road/driveway that she's crawling out onto. Cool spotting if that's the same bridge though! It's a weird scene, watching it again - the kid isn't in a position for Myriam to catch his eye, he stops and then looks at her.
  3. I'm thinking Billy's the dude whose truck Richard hit the kid with who failed to meet Andy at 4:30, because the episode where that happens is the same one where the panicked dude comes to the RR looking for Billy, but I never heard of Chuck as a nickname for Richard :/
  4. I think I'm exactly as perplexed at how Jake and Chris were able to make out the barely-but-definitely visible scar, but not the bandaid, as Jake and Chris were at what they thought was a torn-off wound. The idea of tearing off a wound like a bandaid to reveal a scar underneath is really cool though.
  5. yeah that seems a bit uncalledfor Also this episode was so excellent. I love Bobby in all his scenes now
  6. Remember to send your questions into twin thumbs at emails dot true
  7. I concur. I can't express my gratitude for Jake and Chris with enough emphasis
  8. Say, with all the Twin Peaks Rewatch episodes coming in at about an hour long each (seemingly very much on purpose) does anyone else ever feel like they're cut short a bit? I often find that I feel like there's a bunch more that could have been said or which was kind of not dwelt on in order to not take too much time out of the hour, when I'd be happy to listen for like...way more time. This could just be a perspective thing with me though having basically come to TPR straight from old old episodes of Thumbs, which I think were often longer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Also, the weird thing Dougie turns into that vomits his gold orb thing kinda reminds me of the egg hatching which I'm sure doesn't mean anything but I made a gross gif. I forgot this even happened
  10. With all the light flashes at the convenience store, the shadows casting all from roughly-but-not-exactly the same point each time, and the fact that it's in fast forward, I assumed while watching that this convenience store was somewhere within unhealthy range of the nuke test site during possibly multiple subsequent detonations (explosions casting the shadows) But who the heck knows
  11. I get that, but this instance seemed a bit more...grounded? Like he's exploiting technology rather than just overriding all logic involved in it? Taking down the truck's number plate has the air of "I will redirect the people tracking me to this innocuous other vehicle, ha-ha!" when like...he already said the trackers are physically on his car. Felt less like we're meant to read it as basically-magic than his crazy phone phreaking
  12. This is small potatoes in the context of the episode but I'm confused as to what BadCoop was doing with his phone re tracking devices. He looks at his phone, goes "this car has three tracking devices on it" then "pull up close behind that truck", he types the truck's license plate number into his phone, says "that should do it" and throws his phone out the window. What the hell effect is that supposed to have on the tracking devices
  13. I mean, it's pretty weird electrical interference to like, composite two actually-happened shots seamlessly in there together...but yeah, who the fuck knows with that stuff. Here is the part. Weird overlapping of parallel realities?!?! Just weirdness for the sake of it?!?! wait i think I just solved it
  14. What happens in the scene you're talking about in FWWM with two coops (sort of) is Coop is (weirdly) staring at a security camera, going into the surveillance room to look at the feed (an empty hallway), going back out to stare at the camera, repeating this a few times, and one of the time he goes back into the surveillance room he's looking at a live feed from the hallway, but he's still in it, staring at the camera (!?!?!?) and Phillip walks past him. It is whack.
  15. Also, I thought it was interesting the way Hawk describes the situation with Laura and Leland: "I'm sure it was Leland who hid these pages, he found them and realised that she knew". Knew what? Are Hawk and Truman both aware of the Bob/Leland thing more than I thought? And of the way she experienced that, which was iirc not being aware that it was Leland doing the thing until late in proceedings? Maybe I've just forgotten a lot
  16. Here is my stupid all-in fanwank suspicion: the corpse of Laura Palmer as found in the pilot is actually Laura's doppelganger. Laura herself is in one or another lodge. This is why Coop has to Find Laura. Or maybe the Laura we were seeing in the lodge is the doppelganger or something. I dunno, man. I think a Laura doppelganger thing might happen is what I'm sayin.
  17. Anyone else catch that when the security guard at the beginning asks Cooper if he's taken anything/been drinking anything, Cooper says (unless I misheard this in which case it's embarassing) "eeffoc", coffee backwards?
  18. Probably coincidence, but the bad-coop phone shenanigans are kinda similar to this bit
  19. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

    I agree with that. The first half felt rushed and the second half felt waaaay tooooo looooong and boring. Just wall-to-wall action scenes I felt no investment in at all. Every character (none of whom we know anything about even at that late stage) just running around on what felt uncannily like stretched-out video game sidequests. Plug in the thing and pull the lever and send the message so the guys in space can shoot the thing they were shooting anyway but now it blows up (again, felt like "it counts now because it's a cutscene"), and each of these things feels like it takes 20 minutes. It felt like you could take half an hour or more of action stuff out of the second half, and put it toward character development in the first half, and both halves would be better for it. Movie needed an editor, yo. The CGI Tarkin and Leia stuff was, as many have said, good but not good enough, so I can't help thinking they would have been better off without it. Do you really need Tarkin in there? Dude can't be the only one in a position of authority on the Death Star. My favourite part of the film was Vader's slaughter-a-room-full-of-guys scene, but imagine how much stronger that would've been if it was the only time you saw Vader in the film? Leia's little cameo where she looks out at space and tears up and says "hope!" didn't seem very in-character for her, and would have been better without us seeing her face and getting distracted by the CG - she's super distinctive from the back anyway. Actually, what I reckon they should have done would be just follow some rebel down the hall, stop in front of her door, look inside, and it's Leia from behind putting the documents in R2 and recording the holo-message from New Hope, only maybe you get to hear the whole thing. Speaking of which, doesn't R2 and 3PO's cameo on Yavin 4 fuck up the continuity? How do they get to her ship? And yeah, sooo many establishing shots. There's one time that there isn't even another scene in between two grandiose establishing shots. Positives: bad guy in white was good, droid was alright. Most damning attribute: our heroes hung over a pit and it wasn't bottomless. Overall: fourth-worst Star Wars.
  20. [DevLog] Tiny Tires

    I wanna play this game in VR.
  21. The Big VR Thread
  22. The Big VR Thread

    "Intense" is an interesting euphemism for "barf"
  23. The Big VR Thread

    I've used it, it is pretty good but yeah, kind of on par with the Rift DK2 only not very good graphics because it's a PS4 trying to push VR. Motion control already being a thing with the PS4 will help though.
  24. The Big VR Thread

    Right now you have to switch the camera overlay on in an .ini, otherwise you just get a blue grid showing the edges of your play space. But once it's on (probably will be default by the time the vive ships) it doesn't show up as brightly as that when you're actually playing - that's it with 100% opacity, it would usually be more like 30 or something, just showing the outline of your room/cat when you get near the edges. You can change the color and stuff too, red makes you feel like a terminator.