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  1. Plug your shit

    That was I_smell aka tinybuild. I too would like to know!
  2. When games make the most interesting choices for you

    I think ME3 let you go through a list of choices from the previous games and choose the ones you wanted
  3. Plug your shit

    Thanks ya'll <3
  4. Plug your shit

    Yeah hopefully pretty Interstate-lookin'. That is the plan.
  5. Plug your shit

    aaand I hope everybody's not sick of me plugging this new project thing yet... today I started making a diner in the desert. We actually have what we think is a really cool idea for this game now. I will give the plugs in here a rest for a while now.
  6. Plug your shit

    Hoooraaay I got new tshirts and cards for PAX
  7. Half-Life 3

    I know a developer who teaches a class on developin' to teenage kids for money. He makes them recreate Ricochet in UDK.
  8. Thumbs Downunder/PAX Australia Meetup?

    Yeah I'll pretty much have to be at the booth for all of PAX (although I'll get to see other stuff by running around before/after hours) but there'll probably be parties and shit we can go to, and everyone is totally welcome to hang at the booth.
  9. Half-Life 3

    Also, are you folks aware of the BreenGrub twitter account? It's written by Marc Laidlaw, the main writer of Half-Life, from the perspective of a post-HL2 Dr Breen, having had his consciousness transferred into a slug-like Shu'ulathoi host body, and changed his position on the Combine. Laidlaw calls it "fan fiction" and says it isn't part of any HL3 ARG or anything like that, it's just him having fun. Half-Life fan fiction from the original author of Half-Life. Hooray! Anyway it's super interesting. Czech it out: "Nothing can be without flaw. The superstructure is riddled with cracks. THEY are vulnerable. THEY are compromised. I am "living" proof. Monitoring situation. So far they appear unaware of my communications. How much can I safely say? Forgive me if I do not use certain words. I can use the name Shu'ulathoi because THEY do not recognize that term. The vortigaunts have developed a language which defies THEIR comprehension. This has come to seem like the purpose of most language."
  10. Half-Life 3

    There's been a few instances of a Valve person saying "Half-Life 3" before, I think I heard Wolpaw say it in an interview
  11. The ______ of Video Games

    Chronicles of Riddick is the Chronicles of Riddick of video games am I doing this right
  12. Life

    I really hope he stays fine, man. Really good to hear how well he's doing. <3
  13. Half-Life 3

    Hey you guys, Half-Life 3 exists. Also Source 2, Left 4 Dead 3, other stuff.
  14. Plug your shit

    Bro that Speedrunners looks super ultra fun. I am so on board with that thing. Also thanks ya'll for the good feels. ^_____________________^ Hopefully I can put a sweet game with it
  15. Permadeath

    I am interested in Day Z, and wouldn't be if it didn't have permadeath, because I'm interested in the sensation of really wanting to not die because I don't get to magically resume from where I left off, and I am interested in the disempowerment fantasy aspect of it. I don't see it as being about winning just because it's a video game. Games don't need to be about winning. There is a game called'>One Chance which does its best to keep you from replaying it once you've finished it (and probably achieved an ending you aren't "happy" with). Because it's simulating your character having only one chance at solving the problem. He doesn't get to load a previous save so you don't either. Similarly I think the Walking Dead episodes would be much weaker than they are if you could easily roll back a decision and try something new - not just because the choices you make in that game aren't actually as far-reaching as some people would like, but because the game does an excellent job at simulating moments of stressful indecision that lead to me making a mistake - sometimes only thinking of it as a mistake later on, sometimes recognising the mistake almost immediately - and forcing me to live with my choice. It's not about winning, or managing the perfect playthrough. It's not permadeath, but it's perma-choice, I guess. In Walking Dead, DayZ and One Chance the designers could choose to let me undo my mistakes or continue on as if they never happened, but they choose not to, and the game is better for it.
  16. Plug your shit

    Ah, I see. Yeah, I wouldn't make anything with walls of text. It's one of the things that turned me off Morrowind the first time I played it actually. I'm a serial shit-plugger lately apparently because check it out I wrote a new blog post all about this stuff I've been showing you guys. I spent a long time never updating my blog, not sure where this sudden resurgence has come from.
  17. Steam Greenlight

    I actually wrote a pog bloast recently that's partly about my experience with Greenlight so far. Nothing has changed since I wrote it, things are still stagnant. The game's #69 at the moment.
  18. I need some serious android tablet help!

    It sounds like you fucked up the bootloader (GRUB). I don't know enough about GRUB to know whether it needed the Android partition to be there to work, or whether there's an easy way to fix it, or anything. If you plan on only using Windows on it, it's a relatively easy fix anyway - just'>make a bootable Windows USB, plug it in, boot from it (you miiiight need a keyboard to press the appropriate button to choose your boot device) and go through the Windows install process. The Windows installer might also recognise that there's an existing Windows installation without a working bootloader and offer to fix it, which may or may not work. If not, probably just go ahead and reinstall Windows from the USB. If you have a Windows 8 key I'd suggest installing that, I've found it's faster than 7 on low-spec machines. The procedure for making a bootable USB is exactly the same. In reinstalling Windows you won't be able to use most of your installed programs, but won't actually lose data unless you choose to format.
  19. Plug your shit

    I'm thinking of making an adventure game (in this style) with text-only dialogue (because I probably can't afford good voice actors). This is currently super vague, I only just thought of doing it. Is text-only dialogue throughout the game a huge turnoff for you? edit: because you said "I don't see any harm in having text-only conversations for non-storyline"
  20. Post your face!

    This is what I look like usually Also I am twenty-three
  21. Gunpoint

    bwamp double post
  22. Gunpoint

    Man this game was great. I bought the ~$20 limited edition version with the Prototype Pack, because I love that he did a Prototype Pack. I think every game should do this.
  23. Plug your shit

    This one isn't plugging my shit per se, but sort of is. My game, InFlux, isn't out yet for Technical Reasons, but the soundtrack is. The composer is Jonathan Yandel and it's super cool, so you can hit up Bandcamp and listen to it with or without buying it and you totally should.
  24. Plug your shit

    It is staggeringly good.
  25. Plug your shit

    Also my style guide is pretty much Interstate '76.