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  1. Idle Thumbs 118: A Simple Litter

    Why is this Boston Dynamics lobby photo not in here?! Also robot baby.
  2. Half-Life 3

    Yeah they took the photo of the face model out of the Raising the Bar book and just warped bits of it. Fun fact: Eli's face is that of a homeless dude.
  3. Oculus rift

    Also, I totally tried the 1080p version of this at Pax Aus. It is way way better but I still think it needs to be twice that res (since obviously it's effectively half of whatever res it's actually doing)
  4. Oculus rift

    from what i have heard the rift is pretty glasses friendly. i don't wear them, but my rift seems like you could fit a pair in there (which apparently works) and also it comes with several lenses of different types
  5. Plug your shit

    Thanks yo'.
  6. Life

    Yeah I mostly felt pretty safe the time I was in China, even when I'd end up in weird unfamiliar potentially-you-gonna-get-robbed situations. Maybe because I was a foot taller than everybody though. My favourite thing was spending the equivalent of like five bucks and getting a huge bag of delightfully varied and often dangerous fireworks. It turns out those are illegal in some areas but the police kind of just stared at us. There was probably paperwork they didn't want to deal with
  7. Life

  8. Dreams!

    Hahaha what the fuck.
  9. Life

    Oh man the poor little dude. Is he going to be fine now then?
  10. Games giveaway

    fuck, i hope it's good
  11. Dreams!

    Seems like I have an emotionally devastating nightmare every morning now! Also though I'm pretty sure I dreamed about Chris Remo though I have no idea what the context was.
  12. Is this an upgrade or downgrade for a video card?

    I'm on Windows 8 and it does indeed work the way people are saying if that helps
  13. A Far Cry from Home - Travel Discussion

    I have pretty much only been to a bunch of places in Australia, and also China for three weeks. Oh and America for work a couple times I guess. Since I just had a long relationship end and am no longer sure I have a good reason to live where I live, and might have some amount of money coming in next month from my video game, I'm kind of thinking I might just get on a random plane to a random destination. Or England. Is England good?
  14. Is this an upgrade or downgrade for a video card?

    Wow, video card naming conventions are stupider than ever now I guess.
  15. Fez 2

    Fuck I love that post i_smell.
  16. Games giveaway

    np brah hope you dig it.
  17. Games giveaway

    Here are some free copies of my game, because you people are good.
  18. Fez 2

    I don't know if you fully internalised that principle, pabosher
  19. Life

    I would hook you up but I have $20 to my name til next month.
  20. Fez 2

    Man, I couldn't be more with Fish on this one. It's easy to say "pfft, don't let the haters get you down, man" but he really shouldn't have to deal with the amount of absurdly vitriolic shit he gets on a daily basis. And the alternative to dealing with it is getting the fuck away from it, so that's what he's doing. He has the luxury of having enough money now to decide to throw in the towel and I think that is a totally reasonable and understandable choice when faced with this kind of bullshit. I mean, I make video games because it's what I love to do. If thousands of people regularly made it their business to shit all over what I do and make me feel like I and my work are worthless despite my efforts to resist that, why would I keep doing it? I don't think I would.
  21. Thumbs impacting my job

    Claire said she would not compromise her anonymity, so you guys are all just narrowing it down. KEEP IT UP
  22. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

    I haven't played this and am thinking of doing it in the Rift.
  23. Life

    he is gorgeous
  24. Thumbs impacting my job

    Tangentially related in that it involves thumbs and work: I was exhibiting at Pax Aus this weekend and met a woman at the booth who listened to Idle Thumbs, though I do not know how we got onto the topic. She posts on the forums, and we exchanged twitters, but she did not want to sacrifice the anonymity of her Thumbs Forum persona. Now it is this huge mystery and I am questioning everybody's identity in here. SHE IS PROBABLY READING THIS POST. I SEE YOU CLAIRE.
  25. Life

    <3 you guys.