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  1. Life

    Thanks. It starts tomorrow! I just spend hours scrubbing walls and floors. Ow.
  2. Life

    Oh, I thought I posted about this in here already but maybe not. It's not as dire as it sounds at all. I'm having to move out of where I am because it's not cost-effective anymore, but don't particularly want to live anywhere so I'm going to be homeless-on-purpose for a while and just couchsurf and travel around for a bit. Should be fine.
  3. Life

    Moving does suck. Fortunately I only have half the job this time: I'm moving all my stuff out into storage and then I'm homeless from Friday! Woooo
  4. Feminism

    I guess I don't really want to get in on this argument, but... this is why he said "ceding". If you're not supporting women you are ceding to those who want to silence them. I just thought I would point this out because it looked like you missed that word and therefore the point
  5. Games giveaway

    InFlux again, fuckitwhynot XB4Q3-EAVDG-P7XM8 YNRDT-YRZ7N-JW3EE TTVVZ-IRD43-FLB8Y Q0I4G-59FJJ-585WV
  6. Breaking Bad

    No, he just told her what he'd done. P sure nothing can be done about it. She's fucked
  7. Idle Thumbs 119: You, Fisher

    This is the opposite of my read on the Splinter Cell series. Fisher has no tendency to torture in either 1 or 3. What he does is grab a dude, hold a gun or a knife to him, and say he might kill the guy if he doesn't cooperate (give Fisher information). In 1, you also don't have the option of pulling the trigger on the guy, you can only knock him out. Maybe I just have a different definition of torture to you but I wouldn't consider pointing a gun at a guy and asking for a door code to be torture. In Conviction, where you hold a guy's face in a fire for 5 seconds, that's torture. In Chaos Theory (which is pretty much the game where Sam starts having a personality) he's shown to be disgusted by torture and torturers. The first mission has a scene where you witness a guy hanging over a bath being tortured to death with some electrical device or other. If you "interrogate" (this is the hold-knife-to-throat-and-ask-questions routine) the torturer, Fisher angrily wants to know why he tortured the victim, and when the guy doesn't even know, says something like "You're just the stupid guy who likes to hurt people? Can you think of any reason the world wouldn't be a better place without you?" (whether you kill him or not is, as always, optional). Also, though Lambert orders Fisher to leave the torture victim's body where it is (hanging, bleeding into a bath), the player has the option to cut the rope and lie the guy down in the bath, saying "Just because he's dead doesn't mean I need to leave him here hanging like a piece of meat". Lambert tells him to stay rational, and Fisher says "You can spare 30 seconds for some simple dignity". Stuff like this is why it seemed like such a bizarre turnaround in Conviction and to a lesser extent Blacklist when Sam just tortures and kills everybody he meets (I'm pretty sure there's only maybe 3 guys you need to kill in the entirety of Chaos Theory). Semi-related: one of my favourite things in Chaos Theory is the scripted sequences it has which can play out differently, including different voice acting, if you try to go off-script, and it's never signposted. Like the time you're ordered to call in an airstrike on some crashed US planes whose pilots are still alive in the wreckage (I guess in order to destroy some data they were carrying before the enemy can get it). There's no hud pop-up to tell you it's a Moral Choice Moment or anything, but you can sprint off down the street and get the pilots out of danger before you call it in if you're quick, with the short term repercussion that your boss yells at you about it.
  8. Half-Life 3

  9. Games giveaway

    here are some steam codes for my vidjagame NRCT4-2IVVN-PGE66 MMZMQ-T79VV-E78VT 3VHDC-RJGJJ-V44IM go go go
  10. Plug your shit

    I enabled continuous collision detection of course, but it only works up to a point. If we had sauce code we could have improved it I'm sure. Cheers for feedbacks again.
  11. Plug your shit

    Also many thanks for the feedback.
  12. Plug your shit

    When you fell through the geo, did the "return to checkpoint" option in the pause menu not work? If so I need to get the fuck on that. Unfortunately there's some stuff we just can't fix with UDK on account of not having engine code, and physics objects occasionally passing through geo when moving quickly is one of them. The fans seem to get different results between PCs sometimes, which is interesting and troublesome. Also varies some by frame rate. This is another weird stupid UDK physics thing. In the forest where you're at, there's a steam vent you have to use to get up to one of the huts. You have to unblock it first by just pushing some boulders out of the way. If you are a super badass you can actually also just jump all the way up using a halfpipe.
  13. Plug your shit

    Many thanks elmuerte/thrik. <3
  14. Half-Life 3

    This one time Gabe made a fat joke about himself to me.
  15. Plug your shit

    Thanks folks! Yeah Drewcifer you probs did see it on tigsource at some point. It has been a long time coming. I have made like $7000 gross today. I hope I make more as time marches boldly on.
  16. Plug your shit

    my fucking game came out on steaaaaaaaaam
  17. Breaking Bad

  18. Breaking Bad

  19. Breaking Bad

  20. Life

    Oh boy. "Live in anymore" is what I meant.
  21. Life

    Sorry for your trubs, twig. Internet hugs. I just found somebody to take over my lease on this apartment I don't want to live in anymore, and they are even going to look after my cat until I know what I'm doing/where I want to live. I'm pretty much giving away or storing away all my shit and planning to be homeless for an indeterminate amount of time until my desire to do anything but drink and travel returns. It's sort of scary but also a thing I feel like I gots to do, I'm hella burnt out right now. I'm really hoping enough money comes together from the game that I can do some actual international travel and maybe just visit a bunch of my internet friends. Where should I go you guys?!?! I guess there's a thread for that.
  22. That time Gabe Newell hacked my computer

    I once hugged Gabe Newell
  23. so I just started listening, and you guys are all, "Gone Home on a stream would be bad, it would be like if you read Julian Barnes' The Sense Of An Ending aloud to a friend" i've totally read The Sense Of An Ending aloud to a friend twice. it was good!
  24. Breaking Bad

    yeah it was pretty amazing i really hope
  25. Gone Home from The Fullbright Company

    oh man, I missed this. it sounds like something I ought to have heard. Also though: this is maybe my favourite game ever.