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  1. Plug your shit

    The GOG version has worked fine for me, and I love the default bindings a heck of a lot. Also, thanks for the complimentary post. Also, I really think JetGetters should be the final name for JetGetters.
  2. Remedy's 'Quantum Break'

    man, max payne 1 still looks great
  3. Is Posting Threads Busted?

    i do not really see the resemblance! however, i have also never met a pair of purportedly identical twins who i thought looked sufficiently alike to confuse them twin thing: still an option
  4. Plug your shit

    more screwin' around, hopefully not boring you guys too much with this thing this is a test of a conversation system
  5. Plug your shit

    I finally played Speedrunners just then with a couple of mates and briefly a random internet dude. That game is really really great, dude. Well done. <3
  6. Plug your shit

    thanks! go for it. taking it pretty slow with this one but will hopefully end up doing something interesting with it.
  7. I need help to find a "hybrid" PC monitor?

    If you could see the desktop wallpaper and nothing else it sounds like it figured it was supposed be a second monitor for some reason, set to extend the desktop. Anyhow, I have a couple of Dell Ultrasharps which have basically every input - HDMI, VGA, DVI, displayport, component, svideo, etc. I can recommend the hell out of them but you may not be able to get one on the cheap.
  8. Life

    that is amazing less amazing is being bored in dubai airport for the next 6 hours, as i am
  9. Life

    this is all very familiar. unfortunately i don't really have any useful advice to dispense
  10. Life

    well, it's pretty hard to be a non-terrible fifth wheel. those situations can be very awkward by themselves, you probably were fine
  11. Plug your shit

    thanks ya'll. yeah the look is super inspired by interstate '76. one of my favourite games of all time
  12. Plug your shit

    plug plug plug, here's a video of that project that may or may not eventuate
  13. Plug your shit

    Hey thanks for the feedback old mate I have heard the motion sickness thing from one or two other people before. If it is an FOV thing you can have a go at fixing it by turning on the console (remove the semicolon in ";ConsoleKey" from InFlux/Engine/Config/DefaultInput.ini) and typing "fov 90" or whatever fov you want in the console in the vidjagame. Would be interesting to hear if this sorts you out. The default FOV I think is 75? which is slightly higher than the default in Half-Life 2. I remember some people having a problem with that when HL2 shipped (HL1's was 90) and I sometimes got headaches myself playing Halo 2 on PC, where the FOV is something ridiculous like 45. In other news I have no real new shit to plug, but I no longer have to keep it a secret that I'm working with Unreal Engine 4 now. And I did a little more on this thing (which is not on UE4, although I think it would be hilarious to make a game in this style on UE4):
  14. Plug your shit

    JetGetters Galaxy 64
  15. Happy Birthday!

    mega haps births
  16. Photos of things

  17. Photos of things

    Adorbs. I've been photo-taking a bit lately. I'm visiting my dad in the house I grew up (soon to be sold and knocked down probably) and went and explored the storm drain near the place. I took what I believe to be a sweet photo:
  18. The threat of Big Dog

    i had not seen this before
  19. Life

    i would say nudge a little harder disclaimer: i know nothing
  20. Half-Life 3

    unfortunately not possible in'>the modern reimagining
  21. I want to learn how to games.

    Yeah that was pretty easily misunderstood in hindsight, my bad
  22. I want to learn how to games.

    It's kind of not much like everything else in this regard. Vidjagames Education is dodgy as fuck more often than not. I've heard/seen consistently bad things about just about everywhere but Digipen (which I'm impressed with on the regular). I don't mean education in general. Going and learning programming (or one of a bunch of other specific disciplines) at uni, with or without a view to applying that to games, is not a bad idea at all.
  23. I want to learn how to games.

    Echoing "game dev courses are usually bullshit". I have quite a few friends who did a 3-year game dev course at RMIT in Melbourne and came out with less relevant skills/information than a week with Google could have taught them. You can find decent free tutorials around for basically everything now. I know Source/theolderenginesit'sderivedfrom, and Unreal (2/3/etc). I learned 'em by starting out with level design, because that's the most accessible area when you're getting started with an established engine like that. I often recommend LD to people who want to make games but don't know exactly in what area they want to work (programming's not for everybody). Level design ties everything else together but is relatively undaunting in itself so you tend to pick up at least some understanding of how everything else works just by screwing around making a house or whatever. This is less relevant if you're looking at 2D games or writing your own engine etc. Whatever you're doing, don't pay anybody for your education. Maybe just make hit up the basic-level Unity tutorials and set aside time in your day to "go to class" and watch a bunch of them at a time. (Unity's tutes are mega good).
  24. Life

    good luck teegs. perhaps you will be surprised. i dunno about you, but i always feel like every phone call went badly. being a rudderless vagabond is treating me reasonably well so far. I am bouncing between various friends' households and occasionally buying their groceries so they don't tire of me too fast. my $180 laptop doesn't run my usual game-dev stuff (UDK etc), so i've installed quake 2 + editor in case i start feeling creative again.
  25. Life

    for reals. hang in there everybody let's all just hang, in there