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  1. Yes I was surprised at this omission as well. Another omission was the Dominions series (where's Dr. Geryk when we need him?). Any discussion of factions should include those games, I think, just for sheer breadth. I would have liked for them to get into "balanced" vs. "unbalanced" faction design in games as well. MP games, of course, want balanced factions. Should game devs worry about balanced factions in single-player games as well? Personally, in an SP game, I don't think it is important for every faction to have the same path to victory and, when I read a dev blog where the developers are trying to "tune" the factions to be balanced in their SP game, I think "why are you wasting effort on that?". The panel came close to going down the path a couple of times, it seemed to me, but never quite got there. I would love to have heard their thoughts (or anyone else's) on the subject.