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  1. Star Wars VII - Open spoilers

    I'm sure other people think this too but Me and my sisters theory on this is that both Finn and Rey were (very young) pupils at Luke's Jedi academy who escaped the slaughter. Rey is obviously the more force sensitive of the two but Finn has a affinity too, which partly explains why he's partially resistant to brainwashing. If he has been present at the slaughter this would also give another reason for him not being able to bring himself to slaughter civilians, not only is he free of the brainwashing but that he also has a repressed trauma of surviving such a slaughter. It would also explain his "love at first sight" reaction to rey, because it would actually be him remembering a connection he had rather than a overwhelming reaction to someone he's never met before. Just because he doesn't remember having a proper name doesn't mean he never had one, it depends what age young storm troopers are taken at. His silver armoured commander also seems to take more interest in him than perhaps a normal commander would be expected to, and since she (i think the commanders a she?) showed up in Reys vision of the massacre there's a possibility she saved the young/infant finn in a moment of humanity and had him inducted into the storm troopers rather than kill him.
  2. Comics Extravaganza - Pow Bang Smash!

    Ok so i was sorting some old spectrum games today when i randomly decided to open one of them & look inside the case now i could be wrong but that looks like early Jamie Hewlett work to me, what do the readers think? is that his stuff?
  3. anime

    Animation wise i think some of the things you say could easily be aimed at something like mushishi at times but i think i'm far more willing to forgive them in that case because it knew how to put together a compelling self contained story in a single episode, where as there wasn't really any real narrative flow driving HoFL's forward moment to moment. I do like the idea of the art style consisting of these very unevenly drawn ink lines and shadows as a sorta metaphor for the type of story/person they are depicting but they really don't do enough to make up for the fact that these vague characters dont do much intresting
  4. I think the big problem people are having is that this comes directly AFTER the Cho'gal event, because of the unique nature of that hero i know i had a fair few people who play other LoMa's from my greater social circle asking to play a few games just to try it out. Which would have seemed like the perfect thing to combo with a recruit a friend. I also get the worry about Smurf accounts, blizz made a big change to the game balance recently which although theoretically making the difference that developed between two evenly skilled team's as the result of a pickoff less dramatic in terms of leveling up has also meant due to a increased death time those individual pick off have more impact moment to moment. Which basically means a well co-ordianted group of players can swing a early game far more dramatically if they get a couple of early pickoffs because they have the knowledge on how to exploit those pickoffs that a new group of player might not. One Smurf account isn't so much of a problem its when you get say 2-3 of them working together it creates a scenario where genuine new players are going to get a really shitty experience.
  5. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    Btw are any of your guys playing this on a lower end system? it looks it would perfectly fit a particular group of friends of mine but one of them has a bog standard laptop and refuses to think about ever getting a dedicated gaming pc. SO i'd be curious to know how well it scales its aesthetics and performance
  6. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    That video was worth it 100% for how the convoy was "protected"
  7. anime

    That Ouran is good this is one of the fundamental truths of anime, but what's so bad about House of Five Leaves? my memory has it filed down as visually interesting but not particularity compelling.
  8. I've managed to claw back 3 ranks of the 4 i lost the week before in hero league, i think the trick has been that I've been deliberately always playing a quick match game between every hero league game no matter how good or bad i do.
  9. Holy (Hell)Diver - Now Coming to PC!

    If there ends up being a group of thumbs readers playing this together i need to see videos, because there's nothing that brings a community together more than killing each other in amusing ways in a video game. plus i cant afford to by new things atm so i want to live/play vicariously
  10. had some games with some thumbs gentlemen today & had fun despite loosing both games, the second loss though was epic in its own way so decided to upload it The balls on that raynor now heres a amusing Butcher (over) Kill from the same match to make us feel less bad!
  11. Painting tabletop miniatures

    Ok so there are some things which might work but it depends how bad its got. I have some klear acrylic floor polish (like this) which i use as a glaze diluent but also can also be used to add to arcylics which have dried out. get something you can still the pot with and add a very small amount of the polish. The main disadvantage is it can make the paint a little more glossy but in terms of getting it liquid again it works better than water generally apparently the type i use has been discontinued though and it now sells as pledge multi surface wax
  12. Dreamhack's Hots tourney had a really quite tense last game with two quite different lineups and a quite different styles from the teams nipping back to jaina the build i use in games where there is either no support or a stealth assassin on the opposing team is a variant on what's called the machine gun build basically it allows you to spam your frost bolt at a decent distance for even more single target burst along with gaining extra protection through ice armour and iceblock, and decent poke dmg with the water ele for when you don't want to hard engage. Once you get more comfortable with her or against less agressive comps you can run ring of frost & icy veins
  13. it last util December the 8th so there's no big rush, i'd strongly recomend you get the starter bundle its £4 for 3 (good) heroes and a stimpack which will make buying extra heroes easier
  14. Blizz made their biggest change to the games meta since beta (and some people are arguing since alpha) last patch by changing the power curve this means basically assassins are waaaaaaaay more deadly early game, they also increased death timers which means death matter more. Kinda a tough time to be learning a new hero Anyways as a result of the scaling change and a change made to a talent called gathering power which gains you %dmg per hero kill, Zeratul and a couple of other assassins now have quite strong (if very high risk because you loose all stacks on death) snowball potential also btw I (& osmo) are on the thumbs id spreadsheet so feel free to add your battlenet to the list or add us maybe we should arrange a Heroes night or something I'm happy to help people get to know the game a bit better
  15. Someone picked Cho'gal in a minor league Heroes tourney and sorta wrecked house with him. Don't think people initially thought hed be viable because he has so many counters but its seems hes the new surprise last pick
  16. anime

    Iirc today is the last day before takes down all its first two seasons of short animation experiments there's some truely insane visual stuff in there, along with some nice compact short stories so have a gander while you stil can
  17. Let's discuss what a damage type is

    I'm not sure if it should be classed as a damage type or not or if its been mentioned allready but ......................over the years because WoW has struggled so hard with players fighting bosses with huge hit point pools then fighting players with comparatively tiny hit point pools. Blizzards 1st solution was a stat called resilience which was essentially player damage resistance.
  18. The rhythm of a Hots match tends to be dominated by talent tiers in particular lvl 10 (but also lvls 16 and 20.) If a team has a tier advantage it will very rarely loose a engagement if both teams play well, but if it has a level but not a tier advantage it can still very easily loose a engagement.So the correct tactic at this point for the team which is behind is to split push/soak and look for a pickoff. The one thing i find myself shouting at people in QM all the time is "they have 10, back off and soak" The fun part of higher level play come from very map specific picks and play that other Lords Managements don't have, so in a way it can take alot more time to become aparant Overall i haven't found the F2P aspects too bad, the one thing they seem aware of its that people need to be able to build a good roster of heroes from the heroes that cost the lower gold amounts and to be able to get gold from levelling up at both a fairly early stage (lvl5) and after playing it a while (lvl9). There was a period where they very fairly came in for some criticism for not properly tuning new heroes who came in and dominated the meta (leoric, Johanna & Kael), but that seems to have been put behind them and recently new heroes though having a definte place in the meta have not been instant first picks
  19. The trick is always spend gold on the heroes that are in the lower price bracket, try the more expensive ones when they are free and if you really like them pic one up in a sale.
  20. Both are very solid now. Jaina is a great burst character but can get caught out of position so easily, Silv has a lot of viable builds and while she will never do the burst of Jaina she has a really good escape. I'd also highly recommend Valla atm, she has a good variety of skill, a lot of freedom in how you can build her, including 2 powerful ultimates and a decent escape sidenote: Actual best hero(s)
  21. are you sure Raynor's unlocked all the time? I wasn't aware of that? there's a what i consider a good bundle for beginners of Him, Mafurion, & Muradin plus a stim pack(bonus xp & gold), all of whom are very well balanced and competitive heroes Also rumour has it there's going to be a sale on tuesday/wednesday. Idk if that includes the starter bundle though, because that might allready considered as discounted
  22. Iirc who's on free rotation atm that lady warrior would be Johanna. She is basically designed to be the tankiest of tanks, her role is to wave clear when in lane and to keep others safe in teamfights she does (as you noticed) very little damage. I'm not sure shes who i'd recommend early on when your not getting much team play happening. Of the current free rotation i'd recommend Zagara (aka bug lady) here's a typical build for her although idk if thats actually possible with new account talent gating. Shes basically one of if not THE single best solo lane choice, just spread your creep tumours as much as possible , launch banelings when your opponent is out of position (ideally splashing the dmg onto their mobs too) and fire off hunter killers whenever you have the mana and ranged attack when safe. If your careful you can harass someone right out of lane and force them to hearth Edit: have also added myself to the big old id database thing
  23. man after spending my whole gaming life being someone who always tended to get to know people before handing out things like battlenet/steam ID's the fact they have switched to almost the gaming equivalent of business cards which you throw out to people youve just met is really taking time for me to adjust to
  24. tnx for the advice, going to keep a eye out in the black friday sales for any deep discounts
  25. Invisible Inc.

    I love reading some of the stuff people have got up to with characters. The idea of handing of the teleporter beacon is really neat i hadn't thought about that at all, i just tended to dump it at the exit and then send him of as my mule to carry whatever loot the end objective needed and fill up his inventory then teleporting back