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  1. Life

    So I'm making the transition from the sedatives that have been helping me to sleep after my panic attack last week, to a more sustainable anti anxiety drug for the medium term. It's tough though as I lessen the sedative dose there's distinct feelings of withdrawal I've talked to a few more people about what happened since I last posted on here earlier this week, but Weirldy with my friends I feel uncomfortable not talking about it to them when I'm not face to face comparative to the relative anonymity offered here.
  2. Life

    The Nemoy starts at about 29 seconds in & just keeps going
  3. Life

  4. anime

    Im sure it's all been said before but under its big old Sci fi dressing doesn't the original Eva series do a fairly good job at this sorta of thing? With the Eva's themselves representing how teenagers often have a awkward relationship with their own bodies, & the ATF Field representing social awkwardness & vulnerability. ALL WITH GIANT ROBOTS, ALIENS & EXPLOSIONS!
  5. Life

    As some one so elegantly put it recently 'sorry about the total shitpost incoming' I had a very bad Monday last week, for a while I wasn't going to talk about it at all but after taking to a friend who's been through the same I've decided to one because I've had time to process it and although it's not a big deal compared to what some people have been through I think it's something that talking about might help other people who experience it perhaps not feel as isolated, and putting it down in writing might help me. So anyways, at around 02:00 gmt while trying to sleep I had a serve panic attack. My heart was going like crazy, I was breathing uncontrollably fast, yet it felt like I still couldnt breath, my mind honestly was convinced I was gonna pop my clogs. I'd never had one before although I had been dealing with anxiety and lack of sleep for months. I managed to totter out of bed and grab a envelope that happened to be lying on my desk and to use it along with some breathing exercises to like to bring my hyperventilating under control. The trigger event seemed to be that I was so exhausted that I had a moment when I slipped out of consciousness then back, the moment I returned I felt confused paniced and the attack began. Because even after I hour I still wasn't abke to bring my breathing & heart rate fully under control I ended up in A&E (which was thankfully deserted), where I was put on a heart monitor and kept under observation until 7 in the morning where I was discharged with a strong sedative to allow me to sleep (which I did untill close to 4 in the afternoon). The past week has been about slowly with the help of medication dragging my sleep back to something approaching normal, which also making sure I rest as long as I have to every night (no trying to get away with 5 hours sleep). I'm recovering but I think in many ways this has shocked me into realising that trying to fight my way through my anxiety and insomnia through good practice and habits alone (I go for a walk or run daily, eat healthily, and try to do stretches and breathing exercises in the evening) currently may not be enough, I may need to just accept that medication I something I'm going to need to use untill I can properly self right. Anyways shit rant over.
  6. anime

    I think I've given up waiting for anything significant from Yuri Kuma Arashi i don't feel so far it's saying anything unquie or intresting about love, youth, sexuality or about storytelling in general. It's enjoyable stylistically but it otherwise feels pretty empty. I'm certainly a long way from building any real empathy with the characters and it's attempts at comedy almost universally fall flat, or at very best manage to generate a feeling guess that I probably should be laughing here, but I'm not.I guess where I'm at now is basically Princess Tutu did many of the same thing a hell of a lot better.
  7. I failed a couple of times on that one too, before realising the scientific style came down to needing far less plots than anyone else to get the full mix, and then spent my time maximising adjacency & profit.
  8. This code has expired but I picked up 20% off on GMG using the code KPMN32-6VRM69-6INRND
  9. Life

    Does Canada have anything which does the work equivalent to that the The Princes Trust does in the in the UK? Offering loans, and mentorships to young people (age 30 and under)? I mention it since a friend of mine went through being stuck in a rural Welsh town even smaller than mine (where there were zero jobs for her skills), to running her own crafts business thanks to some help from them. I'm afraid I don't know Canada well enough to be certain about it but my gut tell me that since he's technically prince of it as well as the UK it's a distinct possibility that he's got similar charitible interests there. Edit: this seems to be the nearest equivalent
  10. anime

    Just finished re-watcing Uchouten Kazoku/The Eccentric Family, and to put it simply it just gets better every time, it truly is flawless.
  11. I've always had a lot of luck using Hiren's boot CD to deal with fixing or recovering data from non booting desktops. Download that and some of the utilities included might help give you a good shot at isolating the hardware or software issue.
  12. Life

    Tegan iirc you said making and selling this stuff wasn't economically viable for you but i think you've done exactly the right thing by embeding it on your portfolio site, have you ever consider trying to more closely tie it in with your illustration work just to build awareness and get more commission for that? You could do something like a video tutorial for how to make these cases that links back to your portfolio, or maybe try using screen printing or transfers to put one of your illustrations onto the items.
  13. anime

    I'd like to second the recommendation for Katangatari. It is probably up there competing with a few others for the Anime series I love the most (Those few hallowed shows which get repeated viewings every couple of years), it has a bag full of charm and although not perfect its a country mile above all the monogatari's for my money. Basically if you ever enjoyed any of the Kenshin stuff, but wanted a version which packed it's entire story arc into one breathless season it's.
  14. Life

    Sorry to hear you've had such a shitty day SAM. My date last Friday must have been my best date ever which went absolutely nowhere. We got on well, we had good chemistry, we had fun chatting and kissing but by the end we had come to the conclusion that despite all this we had slight (but significant) differences in our relationship needs, which at this particular point in the curve of our lives meant we prob wouldn't be a good match in a ongoing relationship. We parted on very good terms & we have been chatting quite a bit still since then but I find my self doubt welling up making me ask myself whether or not she's just trying to let me down gently or she actually is enjoying our social interactions. All in all it was really nice to have a date which felt like it was a genuine conversation about who we were and what we needed from each other with very little beating around the bush. It was also good for me to get out and date again, even better it started & finished in a way which was 100% grounded on a nice organic back and forth conversation rather than the weird quasi interviews I seem to get at times which may me feel like I'm putting myself on a shelf waiting for someone to come along with their checklist before deciding if i'm worth their time
  15. CK2 Succession Game

    I was thinking about the fact that there's probably a fair bit of skill differential between players, and had a idea which might help alleviate that while also giving people a fun way to contribute: "When a player dies, he can (if he wishes) nominate a (ideally long serving) member of his characters council, from this point on as long as that character is alive and part of his successors council the player may offer advice to the new ruler about his play though but must do so fully in character as much as possible." maybe its a silly idea, but I haven't played in a succession game before (& i think maybe I'm not alone in that) and it might take some of the pressure out of it for the newer players without it turning the more experienced players into back seat monarchs
  16. CK2 Succession Game

    Don't suppose anyone could suggest a good podcast that covers the period the games are going to take place in? It would act as good prep work as well as filling the gap I have atm in my podcast feed having binged my way through The History of Rome, Revolutions, & Hardcore History
  17. anime

    I like some things about Shirobako, but after a while the dissonance between the male and female character designs began to get to me. I mean dammit just look at that line up in NS's screenshot.
  18. Life

    I have my first date for a couple of months tomorrow, I had not bothered for a while but rejoined okc in the new year on a impulse but decided I wasn't going to contact anyone but wait for them to contact me. So here I find myself nervous as all heck because I can't quite push out of the back of the mind that despite it being something I tell myself I want in a potential special someone I can't but help worry that she's more successful than me(more specifically I'm anxious she will think less of me for it). I know it's idiotic but I guess decades of living in a society that has these values has got them drilled into me on a subconscious level and all I can do is try to fight those instincts
  19. Battlefleet Gothic Armada

    but someone they haven't licensed necromunda! I mean space hulk & blood bowl before it get, but mordhiem? or gothic? just get 2k in & strap it onto a reskinned X-com game and be done with it!
  20. CK2 Succession Game

    could I also get added to the list?
  21. Battlefleet Gothic Armada

    Sorta cautiously optimistic here, do we know if it's the same team who did Bloodbowl or just same publisher?
  22. CK2 Succession Game

    I'm in, sounds a good way to put in a nice limited but fun amount of time with a game i very much enjoyed. maybe we could use the nick/sean save game as a start point SBM is 100% right though wed have to obviously establishwhat DLC we all had in common before begining
  23. anime

    Oh man i totally forgot Tekkonkinkreet, what a utter doffus i am. I'll 101% second Bolegium here, its a wonderfully colourful and strange film (with a awesome soundtrack) you absolutely should give it a go
  24. anime

    basically for me its things that are mass market without any strong flavour In anime for better or worse mass market probably means Shonen action shows, which all 4 of the offerings you were given fall into, but which the initial two at least try some degree of deconstruction of the tropes of their genres. I'm not sure if I'm just repeating common knowledge stuff anyways but just in case its worth noting that there are a few dedicated streaming services where you might be able to fill in the gaps of the things that don't reach netflix, hulu etc.
  25. anime

    Ok that perhaps makes this a bit easier, the rollerblades & baseball bat series is almost certainly Paranoia Agent directed by Satoshi Kon (the same gent responsible for Perfect Blue) it's pretty hard to find a bad word said about him, but sadly his career was cut short before he could throw out a larger body of work. So tracking down Tokyo Godfathers, Millennium Actress and Paprika might be a good avenue for you to try. Given you like Smaurai Champloo It might also be worth looking at Mitchiko to Hatchin (which was mentioned earlier) since its director worked heavily on Champloo. Also ​how do other readers feel about possibly recommending Redline in this case? a bit too meta or able to stand on its own two feet?