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  1. Having long hair seems like a pain in the ass, I don't fault anyone for wanting to get rid of it. And who in their right mind would wear high heels?



  2. I've fooled around with it a few times and it's a good game, especially considering it's basically been a hobby project for so long. I think it's probably the best available "traditional" roguelike. They also recently got a commercial version greenlit on Steam that has the normal expected features like achievements, cloud syncing, etc. Worth picking up if you want to support the project.

  3. Halfway through the first season of The X-Files...


    It's amazing how Scully is conveniently absent for every single incident that would prove SOMETHING WACKY is happenin', and even when she is present for something weird, she continues to insist there's a reasonable explanation. I actually really enjoy the Mulder/Scully dynamic, or I'd probably be ready to quit soon. Will it get old to me, though? Does she ever "believe"? She has to! There's nine seasons! AND TWO MOVIES! Dang how did they go for that long.


    I wonder how The X-Files would feel if it were made today. A lot of this is stuff I'd absolutely have bought into when I was younger. Was it ever a big hit among adults at the time? Or was it just a product of its time, and a new X-Files with more modern myths and legends would feel to adults today as X-Files of yesteryear felt then? As it is, most of this stuff is just weird and cheesey and not really even remotely believable. Which is fine. I'm okay with that.


    I enjoy thinking about all of these things for the first time even though I'm sure it's been discussed and dissected to death among older fans.


    I was totally thinking about this the other day. I'm also re-watching The X-Files and a lot of it seems so cheesy and implausible now. Have I just gotten more knowledgeable / skeptical or has society in general? Conspiracy theories seem a lot harder to buy when they can be easily debunked on Wikipedia within a few minutes. Also, after the 9/11 attacks, it's a lot harder for me to believe that the US Government has the competence to cover up the existence of aliens.


    Ultimately, I think it's best when you approach the same way you might approach Lovecraft story or some other piece of classic sci-fi. You have to just allow yourself to adjust your brain into the mode of the time and take it for what it is. Also part of the draw for me is it walks my memory back to being a teenager in the 90's.

  4. Man, after watching the latest episode of the backer video, I am so completely excited for this game. All the art, animation, and audio is just crafted so well. I can't wait to get my hands on it.


    Also, Chris with a beard looks like the lumberjack from the test animation sequences. :-P

  5. Sweet, thanks, just got that! Game is way too hard for me though. I may just not be dextrous enough.


    I don't think it's just you. The controls always made me feel like I was a step behind when I played it on my phone. The best results I've had with is playing it on my tablet propped up at an angle, but even then it's not great. Maybe the Leap Motion version on PC works better? I don't know anyone with a Leap to confirm.

  6. Well done, but make sure to tell them they're pricks for asking the weakness question.


    It's a lamesauce question, but only because it doesn't really introduce pucker factor. I like to ask what they consider to be their single biggest mistake they've made in their career and what they've learned from it. The best people always give the most awesome stories as answers to this question. Also, they usually end in some variant of "and that's how we lost all that data."

  7. The camposanto blog site is getting blocked by my works internet filter thing. And i can look at pretty much everything other than the porn

    Block Reason: URL Blocked By Policy

    Site Category: Parked_Domains


    What have you guys got on there :blink::eyebrow:


    Parked Domains are usually spammy sites owned by domain squatters, so that's why they are usually blocked. It's not uncommon to see semi-new domains still tagged that way.


    Anyway, that looks like a Cisco IronPort block page and I happen to administer some of those so I submitted the domain to Cisco to be reclassified. Should take about 24 hours to go through.