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  1. oh wow, Act 2 is on iPad?


    I assumed it would be a few months off and i'd have to pay for the second act, BUT i think they've just updated the app so now i have the whole game :tup: NICE


    I don't think I've seen a simultaneous release on this many platforms. They managed to publish on 8 different platforms all within hours of each other. My inner nerd is super impressed.

  2. Oh wow, really? I've never heard that, that's crazy to think but would certainly trickle down through the industry.


    It's actually very common in the IT industry, I think. Everyone has some path that they broke into the industry on, and you tend to hold a lot of loyalty to products that literally enable you to pay the bills.

  3. I was a fan of Seattle back in the day and followed them when they moved ( obv wished they managed to stay in Seattle but whatevs ). I would say there is more of a Rockets/OKC rivalry than Dallas mainly based on Beverly taking out Westbrook and the whole Harden trade. Rockets games seem to get pretty heated.


    Going for Chicago or Warriors now that my horse is out ;)


    The Rockets and Thunder/Sonics rivalry goes back to the early 90's when the Rockets could never get past the Sonics in the playoffs. But you're right that it's not really a huge focus for Rockets fans. We save our real venom for the Jazz. :)

  4. jeremywc, I'm not even going to dignify that with any real response except :P & <3


    What's the point of a rivalry if you don't engage in (non-serious) trash talking?

  5. I was exaggerating. I think there are maybe 5 good episodes in the first two seasons. But even the good ones aren't as good as what you'd later call the good ones.


    I'd mostly agree with this based on my recollection of the series growing up and the rewatch I've started. There are a lot of monster of the week episodes in the first two seasons. They didn't really start consistently hitting the overall mytharc stuff until later.


    That said, The X-files hit for me right as I hit my teens, so I'm just too damn nostalgic about the series to skip anything. I love the filler episodes as much as the mytharc stuff.

  6. Yeah, I've tried that and even managed to find a nice utility someone made that lets you test your bitrate and latency to every possible Twitch server. These tests actually reflect what I am seeing with my streams. My best two connections are to LA and San Francisco and the results that I get with the Twitch connection test come out to 1500 kb/s or less which is extremely low compared to the 8-9 mb/s that I get on my internet speed tests (and I've tried about 7 or 8 different speed tests). This utility also rates the quality of your connection to the Twitch servers based on these parameters and mine comes out to 0% quality across the board every single time. Something just seems wrong and from what I've researched, it doesn't sound like I'm being throttled, but that there is some other factor at play that I am missing. I thought at first that maybe it was just my timing and Twitch servers were overloaded but after seeing this issue for so long that is obviously not the problem.


    I'm also going to try flushing my DNS to see if that helps but I doubt it will since restarting my computer didn't have any effect either. Thanks for the response Jon.


    My money is on your ISP doing some QoS on your outbound traffic to Twitch and putting a bandwith limiter on it. You'd be surprised how much they do traffic shaping these days, especially AT&T and Verizon. 


    Is it possible that port forwarding could help?


    Doubtful. Port forwarding just lets you forward inbound traffic to the right PC inside your network. I don't think Twitch needs to initiate a connection to his PC for anything.

  7. I've always loved my son's mispronunciation of dinosaurs as dinorawrs / dinoroars. Seems appropriate.


    Also, I'm told one of my uncles used to pronounce gravity as "grabity". You know, because it grabs on and pulls you back down.

  8. I was actually thinking about trying out Hearthstone because I've been in a CCG mood lately, except it won't work on my Nexus 7 because it's a wifi-only model and apparently you have to have one with a carrier plan.  So that's dumb.


    It's just not available in the US yet. Canada, Australia, and New Zealand only right now. EDIT: Looks like it's up in the US now. Just became installable for me. I have a wifi Nexus 7 as well.


    Scrolls *is* available though and is very good, if you're looking for a CCG. My IGN is jeremywc if anyone wants to add (and destroy) me.

  9. I really agree with the point about Planetary Annihilation feeling difficult to manage. The UI just doesn't feel as polished as it's spiritual predecessors. I've always felt that one of the most underrated things about Chris Taylor's games is that they never feel obtuse to play, even when there's a ton of chaos on the screen. Hopefully the game will sell well enough that the PA team can spend some time to go back and refine the interface a bit more.

  10. I'm seeing some things via my Twitter feed about Facebook apparently deleting content regarding Ferguson, even if just text. But I dunno how true it is or isn't.


    I was just noticing that my Twitter feed is blowing up with conversation about Ferguson, while my Facebook feed is completely devoid of it. But I'm chalking it up to the fact that the people I follow on Facebook are mostly local friends and family.

  11. So my Firefox is having problems when it comes to loading some forum avatars on Idle Thumbs. As in, roughly one more user av will fail to load each week. It's not a Thumbs Forum problem because it fails to load ANY user avatars that rely on the Gravatar service. Is that what it is? Is it a scripting conflict?


    I have a vague recollection of this happening a good while back but can't recall what the cause or fix was.


    Do you have any privacy extensions like Ghostery? Most of them block Gravatars out of the box.

  12. Yeah it's definitely one of my worst qualities. Back when I got laid off (oh god that was over a year ago) alongside some of my friends, and I watched them all find jobs while I sat there receiving rejection after rejection, all I could feel was anger and resentment. Worst.

    I'm willing to believe it's more likely for men to feel that way, in part because that's how men are supposed to feel. We're all competitive, striving to be the best, right?! Woo! Societal pressures create our desire to win. It's the complete opposite of what's probably the common societal pressure on women. But...


    I agree with Argobot that it's probably a common thing in a male-female relationship, regardless of age bracket, but I'm not sure it's because men don't like it when women succeed. I think it's because men don't like it when anyone succeeds.


    Maybe. I don't know.


    Especially in my early 20's, "winning" in terms of how I felt like my career was advancing relative to my peers was super important to me. As I got older and hit various amounts of adversity, I cooled my jets a lot. I don't think it was age so much as life experience that forced me to evaluate my priorities. There are a lot of factors that can come into play regarding how people grade their own success; I'm skeptical that it can always be nailed down to something universal like what your gender is.

  13. It's been my experience that any time someone is making a decent amount of money in an unethical manner, they will scream at the top of their lungs when that income is taken away. The more unethical their behavior, they louder they will scream. I think Mojang's doing the right thing here to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem around Minecraft. It's not going to kill the Minecraft server hosting business, it's just going to prevent people from turning their Minecraft servers into profit mills. I'm not feeling a lot of sympathy for anyone impacted by this.