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  1. I'll hop on the terrible video game forum guy bandwagon and say that I wasn't that impressed with Mario 64 (really, any 3D graphics from that console generation). The textures on all systems of that generation looked blurry and unpolished to me compared to their 2D counterparts. I'm 33, FWIW. 


    What I think Mario 64 did nail was the controls and the camera. Even into early PS2 era, many third person 3D games were consistently terrible to control. I think it took the industry several years to catch up to Nintendo in that regard.

  2. Pumpkin apple cider blows balls.  Please do not try it. 


    This. Last year, in a fit of stupidity, I bought a spiced pumpkin cider. I will regret that decision for years to come. It was terrible.

  3. Since there's no general esports thread: Would a smash bros thread with a introductory primer on the scene be of interest to anyone? Smash is super entertaining, sort of goofy and hilariously overdramatic. The documentary is fantastic, but only covers the early years of the scene in depth.


    Sounds good to me.

  4. Since weird Sonic games were discussed this week I think it's a good time to remind everybody of the Hedgehog Game.


    To play the Hedgehog Game, just put your first name into google images followed by "the hedgehog" and see what comes up!


    For example, here's Nick the Hedgehog!




    And here's Danielle!




    And Jake!




    And Chris!




    After 20 years of fan characters this works with absolutely any name.


    I tried this for my name, but typing "Jeremy Hedgehog" into GIS gets me 50% bad Sonic fanart and 50% pictures of Ron Jeremy. :(

  5. While we're on it, did anyone else find that the PS3 online store was usually unreasonably slow? I have pretty fast internet, and although I prefer to buy all my games digitally, downloads on that system were an absolute slog for some reason. I assume it's a server-side thing. Did Sony ever fix it?


    I had similar issues with my original PS3. On a recommendation from a forum post, I ran a super long ethernet cable to my PS3 and it seemed to help a lot. 

  6. I remember a story from when I went to university the first time. At the college I was living, we had a friend who was from America, and I came down to the dining hall to see her being comforted by a bunch of our mutual friends. From the conversation in progress, it became clear that she'd gone out to spend some time with real Australians, and had come to the conclusion that Australians deeply loathed Americans. It was incredibly awkward to try and convince her that 1) we didn't hate her, she was safe here and she hadn't agreed to spend a year surrounded by people who hated her because of where she was born while 2) agreeing with all the things she'd been told about why Americans were terrible. So I've been here before.


    Like, the tone of both responses was supposed to be a little flippant - people were talking about how they missed various topics of discussion that had actually happened, so I chimed in with something that clearly never happened, and then when someone had a serious dismissive response to that I tried to be more obviously absurd (or at least I think the idea that using the metric system is the hallmark of civilisation is pretty absurd), but I appreciate that it might be a running theme. Partly it's force of habit - for most of my internetting, I'm usually either the only Australian member, or the Australian member who posts the most frequently, and so I tend to lean into it and be The Australian Guy - and partly because, from my perspective, making fun of America and American exceptionalism feels like punching up.


    I don't know if I have a resolution to this.


    That's fair enough, I understand your perspective. Just take what I said into consideration. Dium's "rubbing your nose in it" analogy feels like a close approximation of how I feel about it, I think.

  7. What belt? Once someone brings up minimum wage all bets are off.


    I think the tone of the response far exceeded the initial jab, but I am obviously biased. Still, it is a running theme in Merus' comments that does tend to get old to me. I think most Americans on this forum are keenly aware of our faults and weaknesses. I mean, I live in Texas... with a disabled son. There's very little education that's been brought by commentary here that I'm not already keenly aware of from my own life experiences. I just happened to be born here. I try to enact change in the best ways I can given my resources.


    Every time I see a post like the one at the top of the page, I just feel like "Yea, I get it. I think I know it better than you do."

  8. I guess you do pay less for games in developing countries; what with the endemic corruption in politics, the brutal and violent police force and multinational corporations coming in and doing whatever they want, you guys have got other things to worry about. I hope you guys get some of the benefits of developed nations one day, like universal health care, or universal paid maternity leave, or the metric system.


    I usually enjoy your perspective on things, but I've got to say I feel like you hit below the belt when it comes to American posters here. It's hard for things to not feel personal when you consistently get so "chippy" in your responses.

  9. I hate to pull out the "get good" card, because it's the worst, but that's all I can think of! I completely agree that making false assumptions can be a huge mental barrier, and often-times games will make it difficult either intentionally or unintentionally. But when you're solving puzzles, and you know there's no real repercussions (as in, hard game loss), there's no incentive to Not Experiment, you know?


    This rings pretty true for me. The more adventure games I play, the less I have to rely on guides. You just get used to playing around with weird combinations to find the solution you're looking for. There are still some bullshit puzzles out there, but in general I find adventure games less daunting over time.

  10. Literally a week ago I was saying something about how dumb smart watches are and today for some reason I really want one. Maybe it's because I started running and want the HR/fitness stuff, but fuuuuuuuu. My life is a never-ending carousel of tech lust.


    My wife bought me an Android Wear watch for my birthday and I've been pretty happy with it. Being able to read and respond to my notifications is pretty sweet, especially while driving. The pedometer and heart rate stuff is nice too. My only nag is the battery life. I have to be extra sure to put it on the charger every night.

  11. I stayed up until 3 AM last night playing through the end of Act 2.


    I still don't think the execution of the writing represents Tim's best work, but I loved the concept and the themes they were trying to hit. I felt like there were some plot points that should have been fleshed out more, but overall it was a very satisfying experience for me. I think the puzzle design was done well. I never felt cheated or saw a solution that didn't feel logical. Every time I'd start to feel frustrated, I'd think of another possibility and run back to try it.


    I also appreciated the technical decisions they made for the game engine. Everything felt really smooth to me. I've been playing some Wadjet Eye games lately, which I generally enjoy, but man is AGS showing it's age. Ditto for some of the other point and clicks done in Flash. It's so nice to play an adventure game at full resolution with no jankiness or weird UI bugs.

  12. What I hate about Windows 8.1 is that my god damn start button never works after a certain amount of time from a fresh restart unless I run a reset.bat file I have set in my quicklaunch tool bar.


    I mean I have the muscle memory to press the windows key when I want to go to metro interface, but I like to right click on the windows button for control panel and crap as well as drive management.


    I am amazed no one has fixed this bug so far on any update and that all the solutions require running an idiotic shortcut that only does a temporary fix. It's a really glaring broken thing in an otherwise good (yes I think it's good) operating system and basically makes me want my Win10 update just so the fucking button works consistantly again.


    Holy shit, I thought I was the only one who was having this bug. It's so annoying.