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  1. Thumb Fortress 2

    A new class based on Miss Pauling would be rad, although I don't know how it would work. Maybe a hacker type since she re-engineered the bomb?
  2. Life

    Ha ha, it's cool. You wouldn't want to explain why you invited a giant pirate penguin from the Internet to your wedding. :-P
  3. Life

    That's awesome! I'm going to crash your wedding, okay?
  4. Fez 2

    I don't care if he makes Fez 2 or not, but I hope Phil Fish returns to designing another game at some point.
  5. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    Tim all but said on Twitter that it's coming to PC as well. Just PlayStation platforms first.
  6. The E3 Retrospectapalooza

    There has to actually be people in the Steam chat first...
  7. Idle Fantasy Doto

    I joined the scrub late-comers league as well. I'll be around the house all day Sunday, so that works well for me as a draft day.
  8. Recently completed video games

    I also beat Escape Goat 2, including the extra levels. I moved on to some of the secret levels and developed a strong urge to throw my controller through my monitor, so I think I'll take a break for now. That said, I enjoyed my time with it. The difficulty curve was done really well. I think I only had to look up solutions for levels twice. The puzzles are really well designed in that game.
  9. DOTA 2

    I'm up for joining the fantasy league if there's a slot available. I'm terrible at LoMa's too, so you guys can use me as cannon fodder. Isn't that appealing?
  10. Idle Sugar

    I can confirm this. I got a jar of the Trader Joe's brand the other day. It is god damn amazing.
  11. Idle Sugar

    Add bananas to that and make a sandwich with it. So good.
  12. Android Games

    I haven't been overly enamored with Badland either. The controls feel really sloppy to me. I'm still trying to figure out where all the hype is coming from.
  13. Feminism

    So this is a gross thing that actually exists:
  14. New Forums! Post feedback, notes, etc here

    Out of curiosity, why not change the servers behind the load balancer to listen on 443 with some self signed certs?
  15. I don't agree with that line of thinking. I hate what the NSA is doing to my country, but the NSA has never tried to indoctrinate me. IMO, what was separates the Nazis from other factions in WW2 is the crazy lengths they went to changing the way a large portion of the country thought. Stalin did terrible things too, but his primary method of motivation was through fear and intimidation. The Nazis seduced a large portion of an entire nation, and I think that is what puts them on another level from the rest of their contemporaries. It wasn't that they tried, it was that they tried and largely succeeded. While not excusing the NSA's activities, nothing the NSA has done comes close to The Holocaust.
  16. The Idle Thumbs Store

    A cheaper shipping option would be cool. Right now both options come up as 9.45 for me.
  17. Feminism

    I love that this thread has turned into tips for swearing in the most inclusive manner possible.
  18. Twitter :)

    I'm @jeremywc, although I don't tweet terribly often.
  19. Oculus rift

    Anyone who thought they were making the Oculus for games did so because they trotted out a bunch of gaming tech titans like Carmack and Newell in their pitch video. They had gaming written all over their pitch and the vast, vast majority of their support was coming from the gaming community. I don't think it's a stretch for that community to feel a little duped. Maybe we were naive, but the backlash is still their problem to deal with. If they meant for the Oculus to be used for a lot of non-gaming applications, they did a really shitty job of communicating that.
  20. Oculus rift

    Except for the fact that lately the nay sayers have been spot on about potential abuses of privacy and power by government agencies and cloud/social media companies.
  21. Oculus rift

    I think with the giant pile of money he just made, he'll be juuuuuuuust fine.
  22. Neptune's Bountiful Pride: The Sequel

    You asshole. :-P I had the opposite issue. Work was kicking my ass the first week and the second week I was in the process of preparing for a house move. A lot of days I was making my upgrades like 5-6 hours after everyone else. That didn't help my situation either. :-/