An Introduction

March 23, 2017 Incredible and bizarre stories from the footnotes of history. A dog in the United States Cabinet. A leading rocket scientist who quit his job to make a moonchild. Virginia Woolf donning blackface to prank a navy. Something True brings you these and more.

Music on this week’s episode:
Podington Bear – Good Times (modified for the podcast)

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if the President made his dog a cabinet secretary? Or if a famous scientist tried to summon a god? What about if Virginia Woolf wore blackface and pranked the Royal Navy?

There’s no need to wonder. It all happened.

The Idle Thumbs network invites you to listen to Something True, a new weekly podcast unearthing eight unbelievable stories, all from the footnotes of history. As we all know, the word “history” itself comes from the phrase "hi, story!"

Beginning next week, say “hi” to eight fantastic stories. Say “hi” to Something True. Written by Duncan Fyfe and read by Alex Ashby.

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