Twin Peaks Rewatch 22: Double Play

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Some interesting anecdotes from Reflections, regarding Uli Edel, director of this episode (for some reason there's a short chapter devoted just to his & Diane Keaton's directing stints - I guess they were pretty memorable for the cast):


Russ Tamblyn: "I didn't like working with him. I just thought he was too bossy and kind of sarcastic and he just wasn't very friendly. It wasn't a good experience for me. I think someone did almost come to blows with him; he was just that kind of director - in your face. He would say terrible things. I can't remember what he said, but I just didn't like working with him, bottom line. I was so glad when that scene was over."


Michael Horse: "Uli Edel was a pretty tough guy. One time he said [strict] 'You go here, you go there.' I asked the crew if this guy was really this good and they said, 'Yeah, he is, Michael.' I said okay, but if this isn't Emmy material I'm gonna kick his ass. [laughs] He was pretty pushy."


Ian Buchanan: "Uli was great. He was very Germanic. I remember when Andy and Dick are at the police department and we are told the true story of Little Nicky's life. In the script it said we were upset, so we went for it, howling like babies. Uli was right in our faces: [loud] 'Stop the noise!'"


David Patrick Kelly: "Uli was very inspiring. He runs a strict set. I remember specifically about Uli that there was a lot of comedy in these scenes. But like David, Uli liked to keep it serious on set so that the underlying reality of what we were doing came through. I really respected that a lot about Uli because sometimes it seemed as if comedy was overwhelming things, so to keep it serious and based in reality was really important."

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I don't know if this has been done yet but every time Chris or Jake mentions James prime my mind does this....

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I think Coop's suspension could still be standing because he took FBI action outside of jurisdiction, during the One Eyed Jack's raid. Even if he was cleared of the drug related wrong doing, he would only be about a week into what might be a 2 week suspension. Also, they needed to keep the star on the show. 

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Does anyone else’s face hurt because that episode was ridiculously on the nose. 


Jean Renault was right. Coop is a nightmare bringer!!


so Denise was not needed anymore off she goes!


earle and cooper have spent the week playing three moves of chess and nothing except standard moves have happened. And YET so much philosophy. 


When coop is talking about the deer and the chess set and so on (precise etc) is he fake talking about twin peaks itself?!


truman is back to his doctor Watson mode.  


Bobby confused “I’m your boss” with “I want to be with you” what a dope. At least he provides a distraction for Shelly to stab Leo. 


Cooper has a lot to say to Truman. Zzzzzz


Lucy gets more angry Bad. 


More James. Evelyn’s husband seems kind of nice? But not in a hank way that suggests a hidden menace. 


Unsurprising that james is a patsy. 


 Series 3


Ed is turning into future lynch alread  


Did anyone catch what sport James was watching? Probably football. Anyway. James tries to leave and then doesn’t then tries again then doesn’t until he gets thrown out. 


I feel like jacoby isn’t entirely concerned about Horne as a person and more as an entertainment. (He would presumably know about Horne and Laura). Also I quite liked the shot with the fan and the flag (connotations aside). 


Garland shows up and goes into the shadows. 


All of the ex future milford is awful. 


More de on the nose crap from Catherine except this time Pete is truman. 


Who is this guy with a chess set and a de facto fbi uniform?


is it could it be... W I N D O M E A R L E  Windom Earle that’s Earle to the windom, don’t forget now. (I guess Leo is now truman). 

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