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My point is that the UI issues were not because of a conversion to console focus. Bethesda designed some bad UI in Morrowind and Oblivion, and the issues with the Oblivion UI were not related to it being a game designed for both PC and console. Therefor I don't think its fair to say the problems with Skyrim are all console related.


And there's where I don't agree. Morrowind's UI is perfectly fine. Much more usable than either Oblivion's or Skyrim's by default, although thankfully on PC modders have made great strides in fixing those games' UIs. And although Oblivion's UI wasn't great to begin with (I suspect teething issues as it was their first console-primary release), many of the ways it is specifically poor on PC are clearly because it was designed for console play. Same goes for Skyrim, to a lesser extent. I don't want to blame everything that's wrong with the later games' UI on being designed for console, because there's elements of their UI design that aren't good for either platform, and because Bethesda was better about optimizing for PC when they released Skyrim, quite possibly due to complaints about Oblivion's UI. But it certainly plays a role.

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