Day of the Tentacle Special Edition

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I'm pretty sure they made the hotspots bigger or else it would be unplayable on the Vita via touchscreen.


Also, I'm pretty sure sure some puzzles are easier or to be more exact, the skip tedious steps, like when you send a letter, I could swear you had to close the mail box and raise the flag manually, but now it's automatic?

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A few podcasts have delved into some deep discussion of Day of the Tentacle.  Watch Out For Fireballs recently did an episode and a follow-up listener mail about the game and its re-release.


The Dev Game Club podcast, run by two former LucasArts staff members, devoted four episodes to the game, ending with an interview with Dave Grossman and Tim Schafer.


Their discussion is similar to the re-release's commentary, but goes a little deeper into the decisions made during the game's development.


I recommend listening to more hours of Day of the Tentacle discussion than it takes to play the game!

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