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Trip Hazard

Give me nightmares! Scary audiobooks

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Now that the warm weather has finally arrived (I'm in the UK and it's a rarity) it can be hard to get to sleep when it's too damn hot! And that's where audiobooks are a godsend, because next to Boards of Canada, they are the best thing for sending me off to the land of nod.  


My favourite kind is scary stories though, and I don't have any that I haven't already heard a billion times. So, does anyone know of anything genuinely chilling to call out the cold beads of terror-sweat, and banish the regular sweaty-sweat?


I'll get the ball rolling with this very classy McCallum reading of some middling Lovecraft:



Here's another one which never gets old. Very purrkewleeaaaarrrr pronunciation, Burroughs: 






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I would also like a scary audiobooks

The HP Podcraft full readings of Lovecraft stories are great, which is why it's kind of crummy that there's only eight of them. The Temple and The Haunter of the Dark are easily my favourites, but they're all great nighttime listening.

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I drifted off to The Temple last night, so it fitted the brief perfectly :D I'll definitely be listening to the others when I get a chance; I was very impressed with the reading and the subtle, eerie sound effects. Best of all, I found his accent very pleasant, which is something I think I'm unreasonably picky about.


I think I'll try and seek out an Edgar Allan Poe podcast.

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