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Get Jetting: JetGetters on Kickstarter + Thumbs Group Buy Info

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Executive Summary: If you want I_Smell's JetGetters for $5, skip to the end and sign up. We have seven places left on the current list. If you want a cascade of unprocessed information and excitement, unspoil below.
It's heavily inspired by Just Cause 2, Battlefield 3, and Team Fortress 2.

STOP! Personality Quiz time:

  • Do you like jumping out of planes, blowing them up, and then jumping into other planes?
  • Do you like tethering things to other things and seeing what happens?
  • Do you wish that Samuel L Jackson's severed right arm was your personal prosthetic grappling hook?

If the answer to some, all, or none of these things is "Yes," then JetGetters may be for you!

1. Project details

You may know TinyBuild Games as the developer of hot hits such as No Time To Explain, Speedrunners, as the publisher of pro-mechanoid propogandist distraction Not The Robots, and as home to our very own Idle Thumbs / Giant Bomb crossover inhabitant I_Smell.

JetGetters is their next project. Ambitious, crazy, looking for your sweet sweet bank details.

"A game about jumping out of jets, and landing on other jets. A fast­paced 3D multiplayer shooter, where teams of players fly high in the sky and hijack each other’s vehicles in mid­air."

Do you need to know more? Then check out:
JetGetters on Kickstarter
Goal: Tether $50,000 to the financial reserves of tinyBuild by the evening of Friday, April 18
See JetGetters on KickTraq for project history and its projected future.

2. Intensive GIFmix

NonGIF bonus:
3. Game Modes

Team Deathmatch - Fight for Deathskills
Heist - Steal the Golden Jet
Kill the Rabbit - Put on that cotton tail and run
AirShip - Blow up the Blues' giant flying fortress from the inside
(more info on other modes, jet classes, extra missions, art direction etc. on the project page)

4. Pauper Tier Forum Group-Buy Details
The JetGetters Kickstarter has a minimum tier of $10 for one (1) Steam key.
However, the limited run Speedy Treasure Island tier provides ten (10) Steam keys, early prototype access, digital bonuses, as well as a bundle of seven tinyBuild games, some already available and some near-future releases for $51 all-in -- that's $5 per JetGet, math fans.

I've pledged for the $51 tier on faith that there'll be enough of us interested in splitting it up at $5 each. If you want more than one copy at $5 a go... then sure, why not?

(I guess we can split the tinyBuild bundle contents amongst ourselves, or put it into a sort of Thumbs Poverty Fund, or whatever.)
Let me know... or let this thread burn like a Wyoming forest fire. Your call, Thumbers. Thumboolians. Thumberites. Together we can be... the ThumbGetters.

JetGetters for $5
01. Justin Leego
02. prettyunsmart
03. SgtWhistlebotom
04. dartmonkey
05. nille

Reserves Bench
Ben X

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Put me on the reserves bench - if you get to 9 people and can't find a tenth, I'm your man!

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Eesh, there was only one backer yesterday but they put in $5k, the biggest amount so far, which means JetGetters is over the half way mark with a little more than two weeks to go. Looks like it's gonna make it, but only just!

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mmhm, could be a tight finish!!


I put this gameplay up yesterday, so I'm quite sure it's linked to that:


You guys saw this game when I started it on Day 1, so you actually won't see much evolution here. We did put it on the shelf for a long time and only just pick it up again.


I was dieing to talk over this video, but I just can't act natural by myself in an empty office talking to a monitor :I

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Updated with the pitch video above the spoiler line, which was finally released with two weeks to go.


The project's doing well, thanks to a good couple of days. It's now on an average of $1.4k per day, but needing only $1.1k per day to meet the $50k goal.

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I haven't watched the pitch video.

Not gonna! I hate pitch videos.


Gearing up for playable at PAX right now, incase you guys are interested.

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Always postin up new stuff!

I put split-screen multiplayer in today!




I love love love this art

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Here's our PAX booth:











I guess things got pretty busy, then Evil Cloud Strife showed up. I'm still at home in the Netherlands, so I dunno.

Kinda sour about all these awesome photos while I'm back here >:I

but I got into internet dating this month to take my mind off it, and that's been it's own adventure, so I'm okay :)

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Oh hej! Finding the right shoes is probably the hardest part of a cosplay costume.


So I noticed that the Kickstarter page and Update #12 both link to whatever the first trailer in the tinyBuild YouTube playlist is, rather than the Alex N pitch vid / updated gameplay trailer. Not sure if that was supposed to happen.


Also, with regards to PAX East, do the organisers prefer that booth staff don't encourage visitors to back Kickstarter projects from the show floor, or can your guys be so direct as to provide people with shortlinks and info on the backer tiers? How does it work out?

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Fuckin beats me buddy, I just wrote JetGetters.com right there on the demo and made the flyers.


There's like 6 other games there, so no big deal.

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Hi! Please sign me up for this.. I'd back the Kickstarter anyway, but I can't since I'm from Germany and I haven't got a credit card.

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Game got funded, woo! I backed for ten bucks, so I'll be Getting all of y'all's Jets when this thing comes out.

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