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Hey guys.


So how about we start doing some Arma 3 evenings again?

I want to make a suggestion


How about we use the in-game voice chat. I've seen some groups

play with in-game voices and a mod (I think its a mod, could be in-game not sure) that allows you to

transmit over long distance. Its alot more fun to hear the guy standing

on your right actually coming from the right. Also the long distance transmitting is pretty bad ass.


Well still use Mumble to meet up but when we are in game we switch. What do you guys think?


I'm up for next weekend. Let me know when you peeps can and can't play so we can have a nice

big group playing.


I'm looking forward to it!



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I've been having the itch, so I'm totally game!

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I did some googling and the mod I was talking about is called ACRE.

To use this mod we need a teamspeak server. 

I will look into this and keep you updated.


This is the mod:


They don't show it in this vid. But one of the coolest things is talking to

a chopper or plane pilot. You hear the engines on the background over

the radio. I think the max range for the radios is 20km or something.



Next Event: 11-05 (Saturday) 7PM GMT ( thats 8PM CET or 3PM EDT)

Meet us on mumble (Check OP for info)


Let me know if you can't make it this date or time. We can switch around.


And @bkrl sorry about the mess ups the last two times. This time we will 100% play this weekend! :D

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It took me a while but I figured it out.



ACRE Mod installation guide.




The ACRE mod links Arma 3 and Teamspeak3 to create a more immersive environment in which we play in, including positional audio and real radio communications.



You need Teamspeak 3 for this mod.


Password: (none)



You might also need to forward the TS Ports.

Ports are:

9987 to 9987 on Both UDP and TCP

Don't know how to forward ports in your modem?

This site is very helpfull:


You also need the Community Base Addon for Arma3

Check below under "Usefull Addons."


The Mod won't work without this addon.


Installing ACRE isn't hard, it just takes a little time. 



Installation Guide ACRE (Dont use the download in this guide!)

Just follow the guide, its pretty simple.


Useful addons!

Community Base Addon for Arma3


ShackTac Fireteam HUD addon:    


Just drag the files into your Arma 3 dir. This only works for addons.



- TeamSpeak 3

- Community Base Addon

- ACRE Mod



I still need to test it with somebody in-game. But everything indicates that it works oke. 

Try to get the mod installed and teamspeak working before we play.

We can either all use ACRE or non can. So install it! :D


An other video about what the mod does:

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Seeing as I just got out of school for the summer and built a beast PC I would be down for some Thumb's Arma action.  I played some when we did Arma 2 missions, but haven't even touched 3. If the clinky sounds when you run are the same then I am in for this weekend.

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Well that was pretty cool. I really enjoyed when we split into two groups, and Lu and I could talk together as normal, but had to use radio to communicate with the other team (team B.)


It would be neat if they added some sort of filtering to the sound to remove the bedroom mic tone and make it sound more like it came from the mouth of a badass soldier.

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I agree. The Direct voice chat ingame isnt all that great.

The radio sounds flipping cool. 

I can imaging all the "over" jokes that are gonne fly around

once we all use this mod :D over.


The Mod sort of worked yesterday xD. It did for you and Lu. 

I think TeamSpeak was the problem for me yesterday. I will try and  figure it out.


Somehow I know the mod in this state is too buggy to make it work, but I still

wanne make it work :D



EDIT: I think its best we wait for the Public release and try again.

I did some forum digging and the public release should be out pretty soon.

This "UO" (hench the two CBA dirs) version is too unstalbe to really test it out.

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I have tickets to see Cronenberg's Rabid that night, so I'll be at least an hour late.

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Does this mean no Arma this weekend, or just no SWEET ARMA RADIO OVER this weekend?

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We are playing Arma for sure! Just no awesome arma radio yet indeed : (

Np brkl we will be waiting for you on the battlefield.

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Yes. As soon as a decent release is out, we will try it again.
This release works, but you gotta make it work. And thats no problem
if you play with 3 or 4 guys. But if you wanne make it work for 8 or 10 guys is not gonna

work for now. For example, the mod worked fine for toblix
and Lu when we tried it. It sort of worked for me and it didnt work at all for Mike.
So its better we wait. We can make it work now. But its too mutch work really.
It's a shame tho, working with a radio is so mutch better (more fun xD)



at least we got the buddie system now! ;)

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