SimCity: The City Simulator

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I mean I'm sad the great franchise has been reduced to this bu ton the other hand this is fascinating and hilarious and strange and new at the same time. I mean look at that picture up there. It's a garden gnome with a pinwheel on an HDTV flanked by a 360 and a PS3. Sim City and The Sims Social aren't even console games! And The Sims Social is shutting down in 2 months!

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Is anyone still playing the game? Does it work yet?


I got completely fed up with the broken traffic and trading and so on after my 4th attempt at a functioning city and haven't touched the game since. I have have understood that update 2.0 fixed some of the issues while introducing some completely new bugs. What is the word on update 3.0? Do you think that after that the game will be playable/enjoyable/predictable?

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