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The threat of Big Dog

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I feel like unless it's made by Boston Dynamics, it's not going to kill.


Most robots are just designed to dance. Probably later there'll be more sexy dances and also fucking.

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It’s Judgment Day for Killer Robots at the United Nations



There is a coalition of NGOs called the “Campaign to Stop Killer Robots”.  I feel that the Thumbs need to join this umbrella organization. 


Other things I learned from that article are that South Korea and Israel are already experimenting with systems that could easily be made completely autonomous.  It sounds like human control is an optional part of these systems.

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It’s Judgment Day for Killer Robots at the United Nations



There is a coalition of NGOs called the “Campaign to Stop Killer Robots”.  I feel that the Thumbs need to join this umbrella organization. 


Other things I learned from that article are that South Korea and Israel are already experimenting with systems that could easily be made completely autonomous.  It sounds like human control is an optional part of these systems.


Class Human { int HumanDNA; bool organism = true } bool optional = true


Ok Maybe C++ pseudo code is just too geeky

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I'm pretty sure our robotic annihilators will be coded entirely in brainfuck.

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You can no longer run. We are all going to die


They say it's fun to play with, and by play with I guess they mean chasing it? I dunno about you, but i wouldn't call trying to catch something that runs in a straight line at 10-20 mph all that fun to run after.

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Hey dog

Cool, I just put that number in as a google play coupon code and got $5 credit. Thanks Big Dog :tup:

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Hello everyone!


Ive been musing about this here topic for a while now, and I thought id give my thoughts. This is about 3 pages, but its well spaced and should be legible.


I hope I can strengthen your resolve for when we must inevitably do battle with the automaton, sometime in the near future.


If I had to title it, I would call it:


Robots, Determinism, and The Great Game of Life.


Or alternatively,


The Story Of Donkish Dan



Hello Thumbs!


I am internetting over a metered surfstick that is registered to a local homeless man, so apologies if I missed any recent robot news, I have two episodes to catch up on;-)


Normally, I am not what you would call a grounded individual. I am dogmatic, reactionary, and usually the first to reach for my tacticool pitchfork(http://imgur.com/VQA9gnB)


However, in this one instance, let me attempt to be the voice of reason:


As much as I enjoy the bi-weekly-robot-news-cast, as well as updates on what nefarious new shit google is appropriating, I get the impression that you fine gentlemen are genuinely worried about some kind of Skynet-type scenario in the near future...


As little as I trust Google and the Intelligence Industrial Complex they are in bed with, let me make an attempt at explaining why some kind of weaponized AI is the last thing we should be worried about:


Warfare, "Statecraft", suppression of dissent, full specrtrum dominance, perception management, and the very best games, "video" or otherwise...


what do they all have in common?


They are all games of incomplete information, i.e. decidedly non-deterministic.


You dont see all the cards in life, or in war. You need to make educated guesses, you need to get into your opponents head, and to anticipate his/her moves.


Almost more important than that, you need to be capable of masking your own moves from your opponent, going so far as to make "plays" that are actually damaging to you, but make up for that small loss by decieving and ultimately confusing/manipulating your opponent.


In short, you need to be able to level: What does he think im doing? What does he think I think hes doing? what does he think I think he thinks hes doing, etc p.p


"AI" is gosh darned awful at this.


In fact, as soon as you take away the determinist rulebook, AI that looked semi-capable a few mintues ago will start to resemble a mentally challenged child.


For examples of this, probably the best place to look would be the game that has bar none the most statistical information on hand, for obvious reasons:


Poker, or more precisely hold em.


Ive played against a bot before, and I crushed, but then again I have delusions of grandeur vis a vi poker and basically think im hot shit, so im probably not the best candidate. Also (very important), I knew it was a bot.


A friend of mine is not a good player, against regs. He can read hands well, he is very unpredictable and ruthless, but ultimately any semi-decent regular will have his impulsive tendencies figured out within a few hours and his money will start dissapearing. Hes made some good money playing hit and run, but if he sticks around too long he basically becomes his own worst enemy. I will refer to him as Donkish Dan.


I watched Dan play poker against a very "good" Full tilt bot, back in the day, and it was..enlightening to say the least.


This bot was deployed on FTP and I believe the cake network, supposedly it even made some money and was lauded as being capable of playing post flop in a coherent manner.


After one my peeps got his hands on this digital contraband, we fucked around with it for a few hours before sitting Dan down in front of it, without telling him it was a bot. We just told him we had a juicy villian for him to play HU.


At first Dan got his ass handed to him. He was able to fold out the bot a few times but the bot quickly picked up on his heightened betting frequency and was calling down his bluffs with 1 pair weak kicker, it had pegged him as Loose aggressive, which was of course correct.


Dan dropped about 300 blinds into our robot, or 60ish euros. Each time it was his fault, he thought he could fold out the bot where it was weak, but the bot had already marked him as "full of shit" and was calling with just about any pair. Dan wasnt exactly getting good cards either


At this point me and my pal were sneaking gleeful grins at each other, and I kept saying stupid things involving the word "robot" out loud... Dan however was already raging and too wrapped up in the game to pay attention..


he dropped another few buyins into the robot before we finally told him what was up.


It had a sobering effect, he actually went outside after we told him, smoking a fag and muttering to himself.


After bickering about who would get the money and taking some verbal abuse from Dan, he said he would be damned if he got his ass kicked by a bot and double bought-in to do battle with the AI once more.


I have never seen Dan play as well as he did that second time around.


He crushed our bots empty soul in the palm of his hand, making back his money and everything we had on the account (about 100) within 5 hours. It was fucking spectacular.


He started off by going back to ABC poker(something I had never seen Dan do), only playing solid hands, no bluffs, all with the intent of getting the bot to switch back to its default profile.


After running at like 20/10 for a hundredish hands, (tightest Ive ever seen this man play, especially HU) the bot had basically learned to respect him again, which meant he had free reign to start pulling off his usual fuckery, which he did to great avail.


I still have the hand history buried somewhere but the gist is that once Dan knew the bot was in fact a bot, it became very easy to tell when said bot was switching gears or attempting to adapt to Dans donkish playstyle. Dan could then quickly adapt back, with much greater success. Dan also knew that every showdown changed the bots playstyle somewhat, something you can never be sure of with a live opponent.


For all you know the guy that is crushing you HU is watching ESPN and masturbating at the same time. You dont have the certainty that your opponent is reacting to your actions with a live player, with a bot you do.


That was when I personally realized that human intellect is far superior to any kind of electronic reasoning, at least in anything that even remotely resembles the complexity of life.


Not only is human intellect superior, the awareness that it is contending with an electronic opponent acts as a "force multiplier"


If we know we are fighting a robot, our capability to fight that robot is strengthened because we know we can outhink and trick it.


Playing against a bot made Dan play his best, thinking hard about every move he was making and about every move the bot was making. It also vastly improved his discipline, he couldnt make excuses in his head for bad plays because he was playing an automaton that had no feelings and made no "human errors".


Obviously this is a very subjective example, But I would pose the challenge that there is not a single "AI" out there that is capable of competing with a human successfully in a non-deterministic game of incomplete information.


This is a topic that will not make you friends in the chess world xD. Pointing out that chess is a very binary game that ultimately leaves little space for tactical depth will not be greeted with nods and smiles most of the time.


The proof is in the pudding. Fritz will own a chess players soul, other than maybe the very best.


The best of bots cant tussle with a self-named degenerate like my friend Dan:-)


I always laugh when the mainstream media repeats that silly meme about ukraine, "We are playing checkers, Putin is playing chess"


If anything, putin is playing poker. Nothing like ex KGB to understand the fundamental mantra and unofficial motto of the mossad, or intelligence agencies the world over for that matter:


"All war is waged by deception" or "by deception thou shalt wage war"


Until AI is capable of the kind of bottomless deception and intrigue we humans regularly exhibit, I think yall are barking up the wrong tree...


We should not be afraid of googles robot army, or the flying death robots of the CIA that now have the legislative authority to frag `muricans with a hellfire if they get uppity;


We should be angry at the people behind these contraptions, and extremely wary of their goals. These goals are decidedly human in nature.


The human is the most dangerous creature in the valley, of this there is no doubt in my mind. It will be a long time until robots get on our level, at the moment "AI" is nothing more than a useful tool under set circumstances.


P.s. Two relevant examples I should have built in somewhere are A)


Terminal 7:


I have never played this game but it is intriguing and it seems like a good example of a game of incomplete information. Could you imagine a bot playing Terminal 7 in a capable fashion? What if you knew you were playing a bot, how would this change the dynamic?


Also, Telltale Poker xD


Anyhow, thanks for everything, I love you guys and you have no idea how much you have helped me.


Regards and best of wishes,


NotDorner (on the forums, if I can find the damn email I used)

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ABU Robocon 2014 is coming up in August, and the semi finals already have some sweet looking robots fitting into this year's hilariously anthropomorphic theme of 'parenthood'. Each team makes two robots to navigate the course, a remote control robot and a programmed automated robot. The remote control robot is the parent that transports the automated child robot from one playground activity to the next, assisting it on each item.


ABU Robocon 2013 was great. NHK had a great documentary about the Japanese team which taught me all I know about ABU Robocon. I haven't found that documentary online anywhere though. The 2013 theme was 'green planet' and had a more abstract set of goals. First they plant 6 pucks into 6 holes, and then shoot an arrow onto a table. The remote controlled robot grabs all the pucks and planets three, then passes the rest of the pucks to the automated robot. After that the automated robot grabs the arrow and passes it to the controlled robot, which shoots it onto the table.



Exciting fun stuff.



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Are you calling me a robot?
I must assure you that I am indeed as human as the next meat-bag! I ritually consume the flesh of other living beings to power myself and rest during the night time.
Now if you will excuse me, I have to


If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. If this 
screen appears again, follow these steps:

Check to make sure any new hardware or software is properly installed. If this is a new
installation, ask your hardware or software manufacturer for any windows updates you may need.

If problems continue, disable or remove any newly installed hardware or software. Disable BIOS 
memory options such as caching or shadowing. If you need to use Safe Mode to remove or disable
components, restart your computer, press F8 to select Advanced Startup Options and then
select Safe Mode.

Technical Information:

*** STOP: 0x000000050 (OxFD3989C2, 0x0000000001, )xFBFB7658, 0x00000000)

*** SPCMDCON.SYS - Address FBFB7658 base at FBFE50000, DataStamp 3d6dd67c 


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