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I've got a big pile of old gaming stuff that's looking for a new home, as it's cluttering up my parents' house.

There is a catch: It's located in South Cumbria (nearish to Kendal), and I can't deliver. I can post, but you'd have to cover the costs.

Spectrum Games

I've got a couple of knackered ZX Spectrums and a pile of games. I need to check what's still there, but I used to have things like Avalon, Astroclone, Fairlight, Lord of the Rings, Mercenary, Elite, Dun Darach, Alien 8.

I suspect that there are forum members younger than some of the above.

PC Games

Various things from the mid-nineties. Daggerfall, Frontier + First Encounters, Starlord (that's a real obscure one), Carmageddon, Wing Commander 3, Privateer (and the expansion pack - 3 1/2" disk!), Privateer 2 and Sub Culture.

Edge Magazine

I've got a few old issues of this too. Mid to late nineties.

I can't be asked to break things up beyond the three categories above. If I had the time to do that, I'd probably eBay it all.

If someone wants all of the above then that would make my life really easy. :)

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