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We've all got one. That giant stack of games that we started and really liked but for some reason or other never bothered to finish. Today, I had the day to myself with not a whole lot to do, so I did what I'd been telling myself I would since September. Sat down and finally beat Bioshock. Aside from the 11 achievements, I also earned a very nice sense of closure on the game. The "saved all the little sisters" ending was lame as all hell, but at least I can now say I've seen it.

I now feel a bit inspired to go on and finish a bunch more games that I loved but simply haven't gotten around to completing yet. Off the top of my head, I'll list off:

- Dead Rising (got into the Overtime mode thing, but never finished the final chapter)

- Earth Defense Force 2017 (actually one of my favorite games of the year, but still haven't seen the last few levels)

- Metal Gear Ac!d 2 (as I seem to be one of the few people on this planet that really like that series)

- Metroid Prime: Corruption (got put aside for Guitar Hero III, then Mario Galaxy came out and it left my Wii indefinitely)

Not a bad start, and I'm sure there are a bunch more. RE4 Wii and Okami, for example, but both of those I wasn't close to finishing when I got pulled away, so I'm less likely to finish them than those on the above list. Anyway, I'm wondering what would be on the list for other thumbs. Who never finished what and really kinda wants to?

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I've actually got a whole console in my backlog.

A while ago I actually bought a PS2 and a copy of God Hand but I've barely even touched the system. Sometime next year though after I've been able to process the xmas releases, I'll go back to God Hand, and maybe replay ICO and Shadow of the Colossus (only ever killed the first 4 colossi).

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For the Gamecube I've got:

Never even started:

-Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

-Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2

-Resident Evil REmake

-Goblin Commander

-Starfox Adventures

Never finished:

-Majora's Mask

-Viewtiful Joe 2

-Prince of Persia

For the DS the list goes:

-Project Rub

-RE: Deadly Silence

-Pokemon Diamond

-Drawn to Life

Seeing as how I've got 20 games on the DS easily, that list is actually pretty short.

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Let's see. I've meant to complete Episode 1 & 2 ever since I bought the Orange Box, but quickly got bored playing with the super gravity gun and those energy balls in EP1. I'm also yet to finish the last brit mission and the entire na.. axis campaign in Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, although I really love the game. Super Paper Mario is also on hold right now because of the pure awesomeness in a form of Super Mario Galaxy.

This is mostly because I have been really busy with university stuff of late and simply have had no time to play. That's why I am eagerly waiting for holidays.

I never completed Beyond Good & Evil. I think I was on the last mission or something. Although I really liked the game in a way, I'm not sure if I want to play it again and finish it. It just gave me a feeling that I have already seen everything there is to it.

I also bought Medieval 2: Total War cheap some time ago, but hardly played it at all. This is probably because I had played the previous version so much lately. I don't think it was a waste of money however, as I will probably soon get interested about Total War again.

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Oh man, Colossus. Thanks for reminding me to plug in my PS2 again. I beat the first 9, but still have 7 to go. Haven't played that in almost a year, and really want to see it through.

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Oh dear god. This list could go on for PAGES. (Largely because I buy games faster than I play them.)

Let's see...

For the PS2, I'm working on Okami, which I bought a year ago. (!)

I also have Dragon Quest VIII, which I enjoyed for 10 minutes before taking out, and Metal Gear Solid 3.

For the GC:

- Battalion Wars

- Geist

- Viewtiful Joe

- Zelda: Four Swords...though I'm not sure how to finish this, since my siblings lost interest (and their gameboys)

- Never actually got all the stars in Super Mario Sunshine

- Pikmin 2

- Metal Gear Solid

- Others, I'm sure

For the DS:

I'm in the middle of Phoenix Wright 3 at the moment. But I also have:

- Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

- Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

- Viewtiful Joe: Double something or other

- Super Princess Peach

- New Super Mario Bros.

- Touch Detective 2 1/2

For the PC:

Half Life 2 + all expansions

Jade Empire

Neverwinter Nights

A bunch of adventure games

...lots more

Xbox 360:

Let's put it this way. I'm still working on Kameo: Elements of Power. Which was a launch title.

EDIT: Forgot the Wii, which has Elebits, Metroid Prime 3, Fire Emblem, to start with...

And I'm going to stop here because I don't feel like listing all this crap.

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In progress:

Phoenix Wright 3 (last case, saving for a long flight)

HL2 Episode 2 (up to the car part)

Metroid Prime 3 (up to the heat beam, gave up for a bit b/c of spread-out savepoints)

Guitar Hero 3 (Seventh set on expert is EVIL, EVIL, EVIL with the chord changes)

Purchased but untouched: ;(

Rock Band

Mario Galaxy

Mass Effect

Zelda Phantom Hourglass

Freedom Force 2


Killer 7

Unpurchased, but want despite the long backlog: :frusty:

Zack & Wiki

Exit (Live Arcade)

Aquaria (indie PC game, like 2d Metroidvania underwater)

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I usually pick up everygame that looks interesting and has a price tag below 10 euros.

I think I have about 50 games not finished or not even started.

Currently still working on Wheel of Time and the Phantom Hourglass (only play the DS in the train and at my parents, so that's not a lot).

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The above backlog for my Gamecube is actually why I decided to eliminate this trend and stop buying games that I wouldn't play. Now I've got an easy system: I only buy games I want to play immediately, and only buy games I know are absolute great ones or will give me a high level of enjoyment. This means I do a lot of research for every purchase and don't buy any of the mediocre fluff that is released on every system.

Lordy knows I play enough fluff for my reviewing job ;) Lucky Luke for the Wii... err?? Currently I'm testing Batallion Wars 2. Not really my game, but it's nice.

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i loaded up bioshock and found myself ammo-less..... i stared at it for a while and then quit the game again.

will i ever complete it?

bad news for my current pile of games that i need to play: WoW is calling to me to come back and play again, and mass effect is not keeping my attention.

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The funny thing is, out of all those games, the one calling you is the worst one of them all.

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Haven't completed... yet (except it's been ages)

The Movies


Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

...but I'm SO close to the end on all of them.

Others that are in need of attention

Mass Effect (Guitar Hero II just sucks me before I can get back to it)

THE backlog... the ones I can't even get started on

Jade Empire

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy XII (played the beginning and loved it, why haven't I gone back?)


Chronicles of Riddick

Kingdom Hearts


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Oh my... There are more, but these I can easily remember

- System Shock 2

- Aliens vs. Predator 2

- Thief: The Dark Project (I'm kind of ashamed of this one. The Thief series is one of my highest regarded ever, but somewhy I never managed to finish the first one -- I've tried twice)

- Morrowind (I really want to continue this one, but not sure if I still have the save games)

- F.E.A.R. (not sure if I even intend to finish it, it has felt too long for a time now and I don't even know how far along I am)

- Desperados 2

- Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth (I got tired of retrying the first action sequence)

- Bioshock

- Company of Heroes

- Crysis DEMO :) (I don't intend to play the full game at all)

- Colin McRae DiRT: the game crashed on me and messed up the saves, I have to redo it until I can get back to beating some records ( at some time I managed to hold records on 3/4 of the mud tracks -- at least so the in-game leaderboards said )

- Runaway: A Road Adventure

Recently started playing (clearly too much at the same time)

- Fable: The Lost Chapters

- Wheel of Time

- The Witcher

- God Hand

- The Simpsons Game

And I have some games for the PS2 that I haven't finished mostly because we only have one TV and it is hard to find time when noone wants to watch some stupid reality shows or whatever (TV is a curse I tell you)

- Shadow of Colossus

- God of War

- Bully (not sure if I like it that much actually, but it was kind of fun)

- The Warriors

- Resident Evil 4 (not even started yet, thinking of getting the Wii version instead but also don't want to waste money buying two versions at full price)

[Edit]and there's also the list of games "I kind of liked but will probably never ever bother to finish":

- DOOM 3

- Every HOMM game after the second one

- Warcraft 3

- Hmm... I'm starting to see a pattern here. Actually pretty much every good strategy game there is -- some of them are great, but just never hold my interest long enough. It's probably my genes or something.

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Just thought of some more:

X-Wing Alliance (too hard!)

Company of Heroes... had a nice box, but boring gameplay - should probably give it another go

Prince of Persia 3D

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time


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I thought this was going to be about the backlog of games from this year rather than all time. My all time list would be too long to write. My list for the year is long enough on its own. I kinda want/don't want to finish the single player CoD4 but, mostly, get my rank up on that in multiplayer.

Still haven't touched "Phantom Hourglass".

I've wanted to play this year's NHL.

All sorts of things on the PS3, which I do not have yet.

A bunch of virtual console games like Paper Mario (played some Sin and Punishment though :tup: )

Want to play Fire Emblem and get back into Metroid Prime.

I want to get that commander rank in Halo 3 :shifty:

The 360 has been getting the most love so it has the fewest games on the backlog.

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Trauma Center

The third and fourth difficulty settings in both Ouendan games (I keep going back to these every couple of months and nailing the higher versions of some more songs each time)

Advance Wars: Dual Strike (FUCKING FUCK FUCK FUCKING "CRYSTAL CALAMITY". Game design my ass, that level's just for masochistic cat-arsers).

Assassin's Creed

Killer 7

Phoenix Wright

The last two have been sitting in drawers completely unplayed for a long time. There are more to revisit also, but I know I'm never going back to them. I probably won't ever play Advance Wars or Trauma Centre again either.

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Miffy, you need to finish Earth Defense Force the last boss is great (Try it on Hard or Hardest and it becomes Epic). I still need to beat that last level on Inferno and find the last 3 weapons so that I can get every achievement.

Games to finish as soon as I get back to England:

- Condemened: Criminal Origins (the guy I'm working with has just discovered it and reminded me how much I enjoyed the game too)

- COD2

- The Suffering: The ties that bind

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In intend to. Every couple of nights I sit down an play a level or two and really enjoy it. I think that may be the best way to enjoy EDF. After tomorrow, I have a school break until mid-January, so I intend to do most of my catching up there.

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The funny thing is, out of all those games, the one calling you is the worst one of them all.


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God this is a depressing ode to spending my life working instead of playing games.....


Trauma Centre - there's one bitch of an operation near the start that just made me throw it across the room

Super Mario Brothers - partners in time

Pokemon - man I love it so much but played about 30 hours in a few wks so i need a break

Super monkey ball - but this doesn't count


Rayman's raving rabbids - didn't particularly like it after the initial cuteness wore off

MySims - fucker

Resident Evil 4 - i know, i'm a bad person.

godfather blackhand - quite like it actually


Okami - i love it so much but i only play it every so often

God of War - ditto


ha, from a few years ago - theme hospital. i loved it so much. i got to the penultimate level and then got sick of bloody epidemics every five seconds.

wow, suddenly christmas doesn't look so boring..

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I'm pretty bad at finishing some games, it seems mostly to be console games. I find it easier to stay devoted to a game on the PC because there aren't any distractions, it's more intimate whereas on a console i'm in my living room sitting on a couch 8 ft away with something else always going on.


Chrono Trigger - Got it after I got Chrono Cross actually and can't compell myself to get farther than 2 hours into it.

Breath of Fire - I actually started this the other year during exams, got very close to the end... once I finished exams/studying, I quit playing it. I was nearly finished.


Majora's Mask - Never bought it back then, tried to play the ROM... I don't have a gamepad so the effort was futile.


Chrono Cross - I've been putting it off for like 5 years, yet it has been my fav JRPG I've played to date. I'm at the very end too.

FFVIII - Got to space or whatever, but I just kept getting my ass kicked and I finally gave up. Impossible.


FFX - Blitzball


STALKER - Just got kind of bored of it, no real desire to finish it right now.

Fallout 2 - I couldn't get into this like i did the first, I can't really explain why I didn't like it. I still want to finish it someday, though.


Wind Waker - Got stuck trying to find one of the pieces of triforce like 3 years ago, still haven't motivated myself to finish it.

Metal Gear Solid remake - I got about halfway through it and realized that I had beaten the game twice already and didn't feel like doing it again just for the extra eye-candy.


Twilight Princess - My friend and I plan on finally finishing it over christmas. We are doing it together because neither of us have the motivation to do it on our own.

Rayman - I only got this because the wii had just come out and it was one of the few 'party' games. Novelty game, don't care much to play it again.


Sonic Rush - I haven't touched my DS in like 6 months.


Knights of the Old Republic - I played the second one on PC and it was freakin' awesome... but playing the first on the xbox, text was too hard to read and I couldn't get used to the consolized controls. I need to find a copy for the PC, however I'd rather just play Mass Effect now that I finally have a 360 and HD set.

I suck.

Luckily I'm graduating next week and other than work on my portfolio I won't have shit to do, hopefully I can cross some of these off the list.

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Wow, and I was feeling bad for not having finished System Shock 2 yet. That's the only thing in my backlog.

Also, not to get too patronising, but I can see a really easy way to thin down some of these lists. (Runaway? Prince of Persia 3D?!)

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Yeah, I was pretty shocked to see Prince of Persia 3D on there. Sands of Time, sure, but 3D??? Why?

I just finished my last exam of the semester today. While most people got their 5 courses worth of exams spread out over a two week period, I lucked into the registrar putting all 5 of my exams into the first two days of the exam period. Testing started Monday. Two days, 5 final exams, and no sleep later, I now have a month and 3 days until the next term starts in which to spend some time with the girlfriend and finally catch up to some games. Christmas also means I have no cash to buy new games for myself so I actually need to play the older stuff if I'm going to play anything.

Oddly, I just spent an hour and a half playing Halo 2. Don't know why. Got it free second hand from a friend who didn't care anymore now that 3 is out about a month ago, played up until the start of the first Arbiter section, and then didn't look at it again. Actually kinda fun. Not the best thing ever, but I may be motivated to finish it during my time off. Especially since it's one of those games that people tend to complain about the short length of. That gives it some bonus points in my books.

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I remember when Prince of Persia 3D was really pushed marketingwise, on the back of the classic's renown. I believe it's utter crap, yesno?

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Yeah, I was pretty shocked to see Prince of Persia 3D on there. Sands of Time, sure, but 3D??? Why?

Lol! Because I love PoP. I've played and completed PoP1, and I've played and got stuck on PoP2 (add that to the backlog). Before I played Sands of Time, I wanted to check out PoP3D, especially as it's still a Jordon Mechner game and it actually got mostly decent reviews.

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