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The Dancing Thumb (aka: music recommendations)

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I forgot to post this, but the new Circle Takes the Square album is super good. It came out right at the end of 2012, but probably manages to work its way into my top 3 albums of the year if I were to try and come up with such a list (I haven't and don't know what else would be on it).


Also, I've been on a Brothers Johnson spree the past week or so and have listened to

probably 20 times in the past couple days.

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Here's something nobody asked for! My Best of 2012 including extremely minor notes on the very very off chance anybody was interested! (It's really from my main forum (bunch of diy 90s punx to today) (reminding me of that recent Thumbs episode when they talked about main internet communities.)


Estrogen Highs - Irrelevant Future

laid back aussie garage was big this year. best in show came from a bunch of laid back dudes from new haven, CT

Daughn Gibson - All Hell

dark, dusty sample based crooner. sort of a beautiful country horror show


ripping us hardcore from Portland

Fabulous Diamonds - Commercial Music

droning, dark, sort of dancey

Merchandise - Children of Desire

jesus & mary chain with a cure filter

D-Clone - Creation and Destroy

blown apart searing white noise distortion from tokyo

Rat Columns - Scepter Hole

lo-fi bedroom recording turned into full band from my favorite aussie transplant

No Statik - Everywhere You Aren't Looking

bay area hardcore b/w 1 long electro drone

Purling Hiss - Lounge Lizards

blown out fuzz with a hint of dinosaur jr

Nailbiter - The Bait

80s style japanese hardcore from london

King Blood - Vengeance, Man

fuzzed out bedroom psych, randy holden style

Honorable Mentions:

Green Beret

El-P - Cancer for Cure


Killer Mike - RAP Music

Reality Crisis - Not Bound By The Past We Live In The Present


Tragedy - Darker Days Ahead



Daughn Gibson - Light Me Up

see above

Hoax - 2nd

western mass hardcore goons. brutal self abuse, insane live

Dimples - Boundless Love

twisted americana, budget james gang, find their lp council bluffs, absolute favorite

Forward - Devil’s Cradle

80s tokyo hardcore legends still in top form

Brain Killer - 3rd

blown out, burly and mean political hardcore from boston

Last Chaos

aussie hardcore, spikes and studs, echo vocals

Sotatila / Think Again

burning spirit hardcore split, finland & japan, super high high energy

Confront - Curtain of an Intense Attack

more burning spirits punx from japan all riffs, all anthems

Desperat - Demokrati Elle Diktatur

ex-mob 47 still got it. swedish hardcore kings

Magic Circle

boston sabbath worship. unfindable record.

Honorable Mentions:



Dawn of Humans - Burst of the Birdflesh

Citizen’s Arrest - Soaked in Other’s Blood


Bloodkrow Butcher - both

Cold Showers - So I Can Grow


In School

3 brooklyn women, classic touch and go style hardcore, but brainy


dark synthy punk, lost sounds style, from reno

Swift Moving

weird 90s hardcore from western ct

Low Culture

melodic punk, a lot like marked men

Neutron Rats

thrashy hardcore

Hounds of Hate

goony skinhead hardcore


glue huffing punx from montreal. ex-inepsy

Rival Mob - Mob Justice

boston hard pit kings. ignorance!


female fronted thrashy bay area hardcore

Violent Future

more knuckleheads

Honorable Mentions:

World War 4



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I swear I learned of The Sword from this thread, but I had no idea sci-fi music went this far back.

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I swear I learned of The Sword from this thread, but I had no idea sci-fi music went this far back.

Nice. For more twisty sci-fi, I love Socrates Drank the Conium with Vangelis, bringing that Blade Runner flavor to their late 60s greek prog:

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I feel obligated to direct people towards the icelandic band Moses Hightower, both because my friend's the drummer and because it's pretty damn good. :tup:

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