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The Most Extraordinary Space Investigations

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For some reason I really like the intro music. The rest... I dunno...

On a related Channel101 note regarding House of Cosby's:

Channel101.com has received a formal request from Bill Cosby's attorney to "cease and desist" serving up your favorite nuggets. We intend to comply with this order. The latest episode of HOC is not available and the earlier episodes will be deactived by 5pm on June 28th. Sorry. - Monday, June 27th - 2005


I once respected your amusing Theo jokes about the "moneys" and the "ladies" and the "jello", Mr. Cosby, but no more. You just made yourself an apathetic ex-somewhat-fan, Mr. Cosby, and you will feel my deity strength on your aged hip. You will pay! :deranged:

(I am not reprehensible for him paying or not paying. If he will pay then fine. If not, what can you do? Either way, it's not me. I just make threats and never follow through them... it's a hobby... I guess.)

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