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Kingzjester Hate Club

I hate Kingzjester...  

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  1. 1. I hate Kingzjester...

    • ... becuase he is a cunt!
    • ... becuase he is an asshole!
    • ... because he is an elitist prick!
    • ... because he is an asshat!
    • ... because he undermines all my efforts and yells at me in lime-green Impact size seven italic!
    • ... because he is so handsome!
    • ... because he never returns my love letters!

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I only ever wanted to tell you that I love you, it just came out all wrong.

Also, your ads are the least effective ones I've ever seen.

Oh right. Well thats one mystery solved. Now all that has to be done is for Skinkie to explain what he meant by 'evidence'. And I suppose it was stupid to advertise something here for something thats happening in Cumbernauld. As if anyone here apart from me would be able to go there anyway. Besides, I got lazy updating the site.

...But your name is Bobo... Donk...ey.

No. My name is not Bobo... Donk...ey. And its not Bobo Donkey either. Its Bobo Donkey. Remember the ™ next time, ok.

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