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Rob Zacny

Three Moves Ahead 559: Off Duty - May 2022

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Three Moves Ahead 559:

Three Moves Ahead 559

Off Duty - May 2022
Len and Rowan are joined by Fanbyte's Steven Strom to test fly a new episode format. Our usual episodes covering a specific game or digging deep on a single topic aren't going anywhere, but this week we're just sitting down to have a chat about what we've been playing and what's on our minds relating to the world of strategy games. Steven needs a new management game to sink their teeth into. Rowan has been moving and putting Civ through its paces on the Nintendo Switch. And Len has some good and bad news about class warfare. If you enjoyed the show this month, we always really appreciate your support over at

Oh all kinds of stuff


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This format is enjoyable, just so long as it's not all the time- maybe one in every four episodes.  I would rather have more content than wait for people to say all get on the same page with a particular game for a show.


Also, thanks for the reference- made me look up that Rimworld article:


Interesting read- I think the code has been changed since the article, but not before the predictable backlash against the female journalist.

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