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Hello guys, i am new here and just wanted to talk about Empire Earth, an old RTS game from 2002 that i played in old times and even now i do with the online community. We recently started a youtube channel making empire earth tournaments and i would like people to come on have a look, we want to revive the EE community and for that need your help. For anyone curious its very similar to age of empires but in my opinion alot better with more history involved as in the game contains 14 different epochs you can go through and you have a variety of units almost all of them very well balanced against each other. Old but gold! i will leave the channel link and also our discord where we are gathering all current active EE players and also some of the veterans are there. You can join us even if you aren't interested in playing the game just to watch and possibly take interest and join our community in the future :)

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