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Voice of the Killer / Hands of the Killer (horror games x2)

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Hello all,


Thank you for letting me on the forum. I heard people here liked video games, so I will post video games I.T.T. as I make them.


The first is titled Voice of the Killer. Protagonist BB has started a new job at the call center, but from the sea she hears the horrible Voice of the Killer. This game is a mystery you can explore with the arrows. It is available for free here:


I will post more when I have more games.


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I note that nobody has banned me yet for spamming, this kindness is very appreciated. But also, now I will abuse it.

The second game, "Hands of the Killer", is also out for free now. In it you must explore your overgrown apartment block, which conceals the University Of Murder.

Any feedback very welcome on whether it is funny, bad, scary, etc.




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