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How do you create a marketing strategy for a small business?

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The CEO of the small business that I work for wants to invest in me (I work for a local MSP) to learn marketing and do it for the business. We have built a reasonably decent image of things that we want to build in the long run. I've spent the last few weeks getting acquainted with SEOs, quotes, marketing influences, content development, marketing tactics for and social media site, etc. Setting the vision of what we want to do has been simple in a way. What does my day to day look like the challenge I'm running into? I've never done marketing before and until this point, I've only worked at the entry level of retail, distribution and customer service jobs. This was the first job that offered some exciting career development, and I want to give it my best. I'd love to know what the daily grind looks like for a marketer and any other tips you might offer to an industry newbie.

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