Chromosome Evil - RTS mixed with Horror

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Story plot

It was a beautiful spring day, nobody knows the exact order of events during that day but what they do remember is that all of a sudden the sky turned red, all radios and televisions were somehow hijacked by a superior force and were sending only one message: “the ancient one is coming…”.

Then there was a great moment of silence and soon after, they came.

They came from below the earth digging their way out, creatures of nightmare, abominations of unspeakable terror, the army didn’t stand a chance, human civilization fell in a dark age.

You are part of what remains of army forces, your brother, the one who took care of you when your parents died was also part of the army and went missing during a mission a few miles from where you are stationed with the objective to gather information about this underground hole from were these creatures are coming from. You decide that if world is going to end at least to do one last journey of redemption to see your brother one more time.


During this journey you choose what team you want to assemble, you choose the evolution of each squad member, you choose which location you want to look for supplies and where you want to establish a defense perimeter, you choose your route and you decide the best course of action for the events that will present before you.

Aditional information

- Real-time strategy game mixed with horror elements.
- Code in C++ artwork in Windows Paint
- Top-down
- TBS gameplay during travel map
- survival elements
- skills, level up system, inventory, resources
- multiple choices and outcomes
- main inspirations: C&C, Dungeons & Dragons, Heroes 3, Red Alert, Xcom
- Game development started in mid-2016 (artwise, design, prototyping/ part-time) and heavy development started in half of 2017, currently we got a map editor working and some of the basic features done + 50% from art/animations done
- release date: we hope somewhere in 2020-2021 but then again hope is a dangerous thing

General Classes
Each character in the game is going to be unique but there are some class boundaries. The maximum squad member is 6.

The Medic
Can heal others, interact with medical documents to find a cure, buffs
The Engineer
Can build barricades, turrets and set traps
Can use heavy weapons and manual shooting weapons, huge armor but slow
Can use mid-range weapons such as shotguns and close-range weapons such as melee weapons
Can use rifle, bow, pistols, also he provides bonuses on the travel map








I also tried to create an environment based on the movie "The Mist" more exactly the pharmacy encounter.


In addition to this I also got some early gifs
We want to add some more Lovecraftian inspired monsters such as walls made of flesh and these things, an eye which can make survivors stun with fear and eggs grown out of flesh wall from which worms grow, brrrrrr

Evacuation zone

Evacuation zone mechanic is implemented, during each building exploration map there will be exit points, to evacuate simply move character on top of it, will take a few seconds for character to evacuate during which other characters can cover him, if he got reflex skill the evacuation timmer will be lowered, in some situation is best not to be greedy with looting while monsters come closer last characters evacuation will be a problem, or you can set automated defenses with engineer to cover evacuation if you have engineer in squad, many MANY possibilities, and gameplay approaches tactics.

The character may evac map at any time he desires but he must take in consideration that each evac will increase aggro(overall difficulty, awareness of monsters) every action got a consequence.

I also added some testing resources in the gif for fun.

Hope you guys enjoy

Some extra inspiration
Heavy inspiration from the movie Children of the corn
and the classic Xcom :


this map is heavily inspired from movie "ALIENS" were the colonial marines had the first encounter with the aliens



If you have additional questions & suggestions about the project feel free to ask me here, interacting with the community is what helps myr motivation the most.

Thank you





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48 minutes ago, Matty77 said:

That game looks quite good.


Thank you Matty77!


If you have any suggestions please let me know

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Many updates since I last posted so I will try to include them all.


More environments:





Order of content on current build version
- intro story (done)
- starting quiz (done)
- the 3 tutorial maps ( pending )
- intro cutscene with vehicle conversation ( pending )
- tutorial map area (work in progress 60% done, can be explored but may be bugs /missing content)

- mechanics ( all done but some of them need adjustments and bug fixes)
- content ( 90% is done but only 5%-10% is implemented)
- Ballance (pending)


random tests in getting my squad killed 







Alpha test session went positive for people on our Discord


We also must decide on the research screen, currently, the new design contains 4 main tabs, skilldex, inventory, car workshop, and R&D + the standard travel map screen




And ... THE FINAL MENU from the game is DONE !!! I am now sending it to the programmer for implementation.
Some NFO: research screen - here you can unlock new upgrade options for equipment and vehicle + unlock travel map actions.

Final Mockup:


made a banner



We decided to remake the tutorial.

In the final version, we are going to make the road animated & loopable while conversation and basic instruction are issued within the APC, also we plan to combine them with the story.

The main inspiration for both interior and exterior of the squad APC is APC from the movie ALIENS :







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This month we will work exclusively on a vertical slice beta version.


Our main goals are:

- have private tests for users who contributed to our Discord with LVL 4 and above.

- send a version to a very small amount of YouTubers

If you are interested you can join our Discord room here:

I will post here the results later on

After 4 years of development, we are getting close to finishing this project

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All assets for scenario 06 are done.

I aimed for simple gameplay here, also by this point the player will be familiar with all basic mechanics.

Mainly you must fix the vehicle(doing so you will unlock the workshop menu) by looting components from the map(or if you already have components from the previous exploration even better)and during this time you must also protect the perimeter against the undead. After the vehicle is fixed and you have the key, the exit grid will appear

And a small twist at the end, the player will have a choice. increase Action points permanent + 1 during travel map but get permanent x2 prices in the workshop or do not get the bonus AP and have normal prices in the workshop.


sc06 mock.PNG

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Good news.


Because the results were so good we started work on a sequel.

And now we are one month away from the release of Chromosome Evil 2.



And here are some juicy gifs


















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