[Dev Log] A Very Pretty Pipe Dream

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Adaptive soundtrack + visual polish of Tetris Effect, but instead of a timeless classic puzzle game Tetris and an amazing original soundtrack, it's Snake and All Star by Smash Mouth!


In true Idle Thumbs and Ruination spirit, I'll inject fart noises all over something beautiful and artistic made with tonnes of love and care by mix mashing it with Snake.



Wizard Jam has meant a lot to me, being the place that inspired me to tinker with making games in my spare time, so I'll for sure make time for Wizard Jam X! Fortunately/Unfortunately, this will be the first Wizard Jam I participate in while being employed. That plus going out of the country for part of the Jam means I'm gonna have to shelve some of the more ambitious ideas I had.


Been wanting to learn how to add adaptive sound to my games for a while now so this was the perfect excuse.


I'm going to be proud bringing this garbage too you all.

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