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Looking for War Game Similar to Crusade in Europe

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I'm looking for a war game that's similar to Crusade in Europe:



I think it has the following qualities:


1. strategic rather than tactical level, involving divisions, regiments, etc.;

2. historical (actual names of military units with number of personnel, tanks, etc.);

3. runs in real-time (the player pauses the timer to give orders) with fog of war;

4. not a lot of micro-management: the orders are attack, defend, transport, etc., with supplies sent daily from depots; and

5. air units attack and then return to base.


The game offers what-if scenarios (like strengthened and air-dropped units in the Battle of the Bulge), and there are other games in the series (like Conflict in Vietnam, which has a what-if scenario for Dien Bien Phu, and Decision in the Desert, on the WW2 North African campaign).


There are links to the games and manuals, but I haven't tried them:


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