Something True 2.5: The Trip to Telegraph Creek

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Something True 2.5:

Something True 2.5

The Trip to Telegraph Creek
Together they set out to chart wildest Canada: a management consultant, a dental student, a Hollywood cinematographer, an ex-sniper, a mysterious treasure hunter, and a cowboy. Nobody believed in their expedition, saying things like, “You don't have the experience” and, “Your horses are diseased.” But Charles E. Bedaux was determined. For him this trip wasn’t about making maps, but the measure of a man.

Read a full transcript of this episode on the Something True website.

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Music on this week’s episode:
Lloyd Rogers – Draw Me A Sheep (Act I)*
lo-fi is sci-fi – Phase IV*
Gablé – grate ok*
Jason Shaw – Plantation*
Kai Engel – Puddles and Bars*
Jahzzar – Dummy*
Josh Woodward – Hollow Grove (instrumental Version)*

*modified for the podcast.

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