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The Cutdown Episode 6: Independence Day

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The Cutdown 6:

The Cutdown 6

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! In this special episode, Derek and Ric talk about the trailers for both Independence Day movies. From the first film's iconic teaser to Resurgence's viral videos, we do a deep dive and see what lessons can be learned. “They like to get the landmarks”


Trailers Discussed: Jumanji: The Next Level, Hobbs & Shaw, Stuber, Independence Day Teaser, Independence Day Trailer, Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer 1, Independence Day: Resurgence Super Bowl, Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer 2, Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer 3 Extended, Independence Day: Resurgence Viral Video 1, Independence Day: Resurgence Viral Video 2, The Count Of Monte Cristo.


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