[Dev Log] Mid-Jam Power Wizard Tactics Story of Vesperia 3D

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I'm going to try and make something in 3D!!! Yay!!


....In Gamemaker 2! Boooo!!


So yeah it'll be a challenge and I'll see if I can get anything done at all. What I wanna do is sorta ambitious and probably not gonna be called what I titled this thread.


If I get anything playable I'll release it, but I'm thinking this may be a mad longer-term multi-jam project...like something I only mess with when jams be jammin'.


Stay Spicy JamsPersons!

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Okay! Here's some kinda gross concept art....


(spot the reference!)


I've got the mouselook and 3d movement in. I even got some models in the game for walls. I'm doing the kinda hacky deal of making the level walls imported 3d models.




I'm using MagicaVoxel which is cool. I haven't gotten the textures to work properly yet. But that might be okay as I'm not against the glitchiness thing (as players of my old games may know).


It seems to want square texture files at 64x64 or 256x256. But MagicaVoxel's deal is that it's just a png palette 256 colors (x 1 pixel). If anyone knows a solution here, please let me know.


Things I'm NOT going to put in checklist:

  • Jumping
  • Any varying heights for the floors or ceilings at all really
  • Shooting
  • um..anything besides walking around and collecting things and activating gates
  • I kinda wanted you to be able to pick up things and throw them
  • er...I just messed up this list

I need to figure out how to do billboard "player-facing" sprites next I think.

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