Looking for C# programmer, Unity, Narrative Game

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Hello Everyone,

I am a one man team looking for the perfect technical collaborator to partner with on the making of an independent story driven game.


I have been working in the video game industry for the past 4 years as freelance Cinematic Artist.

I can take care of most of the Art related tasks involved in the production of a video game, from narrative writing, to blocking out levels, animations, cinematic sequences, audio, lighting, modelling and manage outsourcing.

I can also script in c# myself, which helps me to quickly prototype new gameplay ideas independently.


My counterpart must be technical, possibly but not necessarily with an artistic mind too, and can take care of everything that is related to the engineering part of a game, from basic artist friendly features scripting to structure solid, stable and modular code that will support the core of the game. Knowledge of C# and Unity is required.


I dedicate a lot of hours in game development, whether I am working full-time on something else during the day or whether I am unemployed. The ideal “partner” then is someone that can put together enough hours during the week and weekends too.


I know how to balance life, work and personal work, so I am expecting you to be able and willing to do the same with passion, dedication and sometimes spirit of sacrifice.


I am based in Central Europe, so ideally no more than 2 hours difference in our time zone is preferred, for productivity reasons.


Should you be a good match with the description above and in case you are interested in knowing more about me and the project, please get in touch.



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