WIZARD JAM 7 // Team Recruiting

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This thread is for recruiting team members! If you have a game idea and need help from a reader with a particular set of skills, post in this thread, preferably in the following format to make it easy for people to skim the thread and find you. You should also look for collaborators in the team seeking thread and come join the #wizardjam channel on the Idle Thumbs Slack channel and see if anyone can help out. Or just drop in and chit-chat with us while you're working on your game! And if you have enough members, please edit your post and note that.


This is the recruiting/LFM thread; if you want to post what you're able to contribute and have someone else find you, use the team seeking/LFG thread.



Pitch: Game Pitch (Try and keep this to one or two sentences!)

What I need: What you need (Artist, programmer, writer, etc)

What I'm doing: What you're contributing

Contact Info: Your contact info (PM, email, whatever)

And optionally:
Time Zone: It's probably easier to work with people who aren't 12 hours off from you? But maybe it's fine.
Portfolio: A link to your portfolio / website / whatever if you have one, so people can check your style.

Then whatever else you want.



Pitch: I wanna make 'You, Fisher', a 3D stealth fishing game about casting lines without being spotted by security, and catching as many fish as possible before sunrise. I want to learn UE4 and C++

What I Need:

3D artist who can animate some fish (and help with design!)

Audio person to make some sneaky music and fish noises. Smoky jazz?

What I'm doing:

Programming in UE4, Sam Fisher impressions

Contact info:

PM me on the forums or message me on the Idle Thumbs Slack

Time Zone: 
EST (UTC -5) but I'm usually up late


Here's my website with some gifs of other games I've made! 


I've been a fan of Splinter Cell since first seeing screenshots of their dynamic shadows in ~2005 and I have a Sam Fisher bust above my fireplace. I'd like the game to have a light stealth system, fully rigged realistic humanoid characters, and a dynamic music system that's entirely early-2000s style drum and bass but made exclusively out of samples of water splashing and seagull noises.





What I need:

What I'm doing: 

Contact Info: 
Time Zone:




Thanks to @Dinosaursssssss for writing the original set of team building threads this was based upon.

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Hey everyone. So usually I do game jams solo to make it simpler but it might be fun to do this one as a team, so I'm looking for people interested in the concept. If you think you can contribute in any ways, you're absolutely welcome.


Pitch: My concept I would like to try is a narrative card game. You start the game with few characters represented as cards. In a turn you simply take a random story card and you have to choose on which character you want to put it (and so which character will be affected). I have no theme or episode picked so far so everything is pretty open.

What I need: Artworks (the design of the cards, characters, etc), Writing, Music, or anything else if you want to join.

What I'm doing:  Design and programming (I use Löve2d)

Contact Info: On twitter @NicMagnier or mail
Time Zone: Germany (UTC +2)

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This year I'm trying Game Maker for the first time and I could use some help! I specifically need folks who are talented with image editing and like combing through image archives (I know I do!) I'm planning on making my game using entirely free assets and so that means a lot of small amounts of clean-up and re-touching to give them all a coherent feel and size.

I am also going with a top-down style for most of the travelling sections of the game so I need help creating assets for that. 


Pitch: Going through your grandfather's effects leads you to a mystery in the hill country to West Texas. And then another. And another. As you drive from small town to small town you try to make sense of the endless strangeness you encounter while navigating conversations with other lost and searching souls. Kentucky Route Zero meets Aviary Attorney meets Edith Finch. 

What I Need: Google Earth images of the countryside of Texas for use as maps, images from the British Library's collections and others for use as characters and clues, and a top down view of the main character and their car. 

What I'm Doing: Everything but the music and the art?
Contact Me: Send me a DM here or on the slack (same username), or twitter at @meatNbones
Time Zone: EST USA


If you have any familiarity with Game Maker and just want to chat/give me advice that would be cool too! If you think the project sounds cool and you just want to chat feel free!  

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