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Hey everyone, I'm new here and I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my game Flick Football 3D. My name is Billy, I am from the UK and I have always had a massive interest in making games. I've spent many years just messing around in my spare time with game engines such as RPG Maker, but never made anything serious. Over the last year or so I have started to learn C# and how to use Unity, and Flick Football 3D is a project I've spent a lot of time on from scratch. I love football, so thought that mixing my 2 passions would be a great little project! :lol: Let me know what you think of my game, any feedback is greatly appreciated! :tup:



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Flick Football 3D is a turn based football game inspired by the table top classic 'Subbuteo'.

The game is currently in very early Alpha development. There is still a lot to be done before the first proper release but I have decided to release this playable version to get as much feedback as possible.

The only game mode currently available in this release is the 'Practice Mode' which gives you control of both teams. Either play against yourself to get used to how the game works or play against friends and family on the same computer!

Planned Future Features Include:
-Take control of your own custom team in the single player campaign.
-Play in online leagues and tournaments against other players in the multiplayer mode.
-Fully customisable stadiums to make you stand out from the rest of the players.
-Improve your players stats and skills by playing matches and setting up training sessions.

Flick Football 3D is currently on Alpha version 0.1.3, and the newest version released yesterday.

The game is turn based, and each player can be controlled once per turn. Players are controlled by click and dragging them back, effectively 'sling-shotting' them in the direction you want them to move, and the aim is to try and score past your opponent.



Previous DevLogs:

Alpha Version 0.1.3 (Latest Release)


Alpha version 0.1.3 is out now! Things are starting to come together nicely and Flick Football 3D is really starting to take shape and slowly become the game I imagined it would be!

General Improvements:
-Lots of optimization has been done to make the game run a lot smoother.
-The game’s physics have been improved, making the game feel a lot better to play.
-New and improved sound effects!
-The options menu has been added with the ability to change the music volume, sound effects volume, camera & mouse sensitivity and graphics quality.

Gameplay Improvements:
-Formations can now be changed from the in game pause menu.
-Match Customisation: you now have the ability to change the turn time and game length at the beginning of each match!
-Player movement can now be cancelled by pressing ‘Space’.
-New Football!!! The boring old yellow football has now been upgraded!

As well as all the work on the game, Flick Football 3D is now available to follow on more social media platforms! These will all be updated on a regular basis.
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Follow us for exclusive and up to date news!

Again, thank you all so much for checking out Flick Football 3D, all of your feedback is greatly appreciated! I really hope you enjoy the game and like the direction that I am trying to go with it.

Alpha 0.1.2


Alpha version 0.1.2 is out now! The game is really starting to come alive now and I’m overwhelmed with the amount of views and plays it has got so far, it really means so much to me!

What’s New?
-A beautifully detailed world has been added around the stadium to make the game feel more real.
-Player ‘Quick Select’ camera by using right click on the player. This positions the camera behind the chosen player and aims towards the direction of the ball.
-New and improved sound effects.
-Different colour aiming lines for each team.
-A few bug fixes and gameplay improvements.

Work on the multiplayer side of the game will be started very soon, along with improved graphics for the players and the stadium!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out and play Flick Football 3D, I hope you enjoy it! Please leave feedback to help me improve the game!

For more information and much more regular updates, check out our Facebook page at

Alpha 0.1.1


Here it is, the new and hopefully improved Alpha 0.1.1 release of Flick Football 3D!

It’s been nearly 3 weeks since the first release of the game and I’ve been working hard during all of my spare time adding loads of new features!

A Quick Look At What’s New:

-The camera position at the start of each turn has been changed from side view to behind the goal view. This makes it quicker and easier to aim your players in the right directions and also makes it easier to know which direction you are shooting towards.
-3 different formations to choose from!
-Each player can now only be moved once per turn. Players that haven’t been used during the current turn and are available to use have a ring around their base so you know who can and can’t be moved.
-A basic version of the aiming system has been made! This was probably the most important feature I needed to add as it was very difficult to know which direction your player was going to fire towards. Now, when you drag your player back, a line appears showing which direction you are aiming towards.
-After each turn in ‘Practice Mode’ has ended, a pop up box now appears which prompts you to start the next turn manually. This now makes it easier to play against friends on the same computer because the turns don’t start instantly once the last turn ends.
-Main menus have been improved visually and a lot more has been added to the in-game UI.
-‘Practice Mode’ now has a basic stadium around the pitch and I’ve made a few improvements to the graphics! They’re still very primitive, but once the core gameplay is complete they will be greatly overhauled!

Alpha 0.1.0 (First Release)


Hi guys! So, the game went live about 24 hours ago and I’m extremely grateful to have had brilliant feedback already! With this feedback, I am just posting this quick update to give you all an idea of what I am currently working on in the game and what to expect to see very soon!

Improved Camera Control:

-The default camera positions will be adjusted for a better starting view at the beginning of each turn.
-Camera zooming by using the mouse scroll wheel.
-Saving the last camera position of each team so player’s can return to the same camera view they were on when their last turn ended.

Improve Player Control:

-I will be experimenting with how the turns work. Currently each team gets a set amount of seconds (12) to take their turn, and they can move their players as many times as they like during this time. The new system I am planning on using will still give the team a set amount of seconds, but each player can only be used once per turn. I believe this will add a lot more tactical gameplay.
-When the player is dragged back it can sometimes be difficult to tell which direction the player is going to be flung until they have been released. To make it easier I will be adding an aiming arrow to the active player.

Improve Match Control:

I understand that after each team has taken a few turns that it can become unclear which goal you should be attacking. I will be adding some sort of indication to the UI or the pitch to make it easier to differentiate between each goal.

Improve Environment:

As you’ve probably noticed, the area surrounding the pitch is currently very plain and boring. I am working on creating a more realistic landscape around the pitch, along with building a basic training stadium to feature in ‘Practice Mode’.

As you can see I have a lot of tinkering about to do to try and perfect the core gameplay, so the above features may vary depending on how they turn out in game!

I have also released a standalone downloadable version of the game available for Windows and Mac.

Again, thank you so much for all your feedback and support, it means so much to me and I hope I can create a game that you can all enjoy!

Thank you for checking out my game, I am working tirelessly to make it the best it can possibly be. I am pretty new to making games on this scale so sometimes my progress may seem a little slow, but I am still learning a hell of a lot and working as hard as I can in my spare time!



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Alpha 0.1.4 Released!
After a few weeks off from working on Flick Football 3D because of being on vacation, we returned to it with fresh eyes and the hard work continued. We weren’t really happy with a lot of the basic core gameplay, so we decided to focus pretty much this whole release on making the gameplay feel as solid as possible and get it to a standard we were happy with and can really build upon in the future.

Core Gameplay Improvements
-Greatly improved player movement. The whole ‘power’ range is a lot more responsive, and the aiming line is now a lot more accurate.
-If movement power is 0, the player will no longer lose their turn.
-The ball now bounces off the pitch barriers a lot better and no longer channels down the sides of the pitch, causing it to easily get stuck on the edges or in the corners.
-The ball and players no longer get stuck or change direction when going into the goal area, so clearing the ball off the line is a lot easier than before.

Other Features Added
-End Turn button has been added, so you don’t have to wait for the timer to finish counting down.
-The camera can now be zoomed in and out using the mouse scroll wheel.
-Pressing ‘F’ will focus the camera on the ball, making it a lot easier to follow.
-Full screen mode now available in the downloadable versions, found inside the options menu.
-Menu buttons are now highlighted when selected.
-The ‘Power’ GUI that appears on screen when moving the players no longer sticks on screen.

We are working tirelessly on making Flick Football as enjoyable as possible, and all of your feedback is greatly appreciated. The response so far in this very early stage has been fantastic.

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for more regular and exclusive news! Thank you so much for playing and all of your support.


Play at
Available on Windows, Mac and straight from your browser!

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