Idle Thumbs 320: Building Bridges at PAX East 2018

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Idle Thumbs 320:

Idle Thumbs 320

Building Bridges at PAX East 2018
All of our lives have been upended because of some pretty awesome news (read item one here, and item two here), and it has had the unfortunate effect of knocking our recording schedule totally out of whack. So for this month's Idle Thumbs we have something a little different!

At PAX East 2018, Chris moderated a panel called "Building Bridges & Breaking Barriers" and we're privileged to share it with you! Here's the official description: This panel brings a diverse group of individuals together who are actively working – often times behind-the-scenes - in the game space to help bridge cultural gaps and create positive communities. Panelists will share personal stories on how they overcame cross-cultural challenges, not just in their own “backyard” but also across the world!

We're not sure when a 100% regular schedule will resume but we'll keep you posted! In the mean time enjoy this episode and thanks for listening!

Discussed: Pepe Silvia w/drums


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Excellent discussion, I loved this. Nice job moderating as well, Chris, though with such good panelists I guess the biggest challenge was not to gush/be intimidated too much ;)

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