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Text based game - Virus Universal

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Hello guys and girls, second post from me :):)

So I'm currently making my first text based game, been wanting to do a bit of my own game making for a while... I always loved Zork, a simple but classical game, I wanted to create a horror game that can still bring that level of horror without any video cinematic.

Nearly a third of the way through creating the first chapter, would people be interested in testing the first chapter when done?

It may take a while to finish but one of the main things I'm pushing for in my game is to have replay value, every choice you make will have consequences for the entire game, and, there will be many events that are randomised, each play-through could be completely different.

It has taken me nearly a month to get as far as I have due to the coding of all the random events and such, is it worth me carrying on or are text based games a bit dated?

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Hi there!


I'd certainly be happy to help test, we do have a playtest mailing list here - Sign-up Form: https://goo.gl/forms/tRnDPoRX9PDLofN63 and Spreadsheet: https://goo.gl/tePLX2


I'd say it's definitely worth making a text-based game as a learning project and I'd like to think it's still commercially viable provided you have a good presentation beyond say just black text on a white background.


Best of luck and keep at it. :)

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Thanks for the reply!  I'm finishing off one of the threads in the story then I can give it for you to test  it has been taking me so long due to the amount of choices, each one being a completely different game means every time I give the player another choice I end up writing all new threads for that part of the game haha...

It hopefully will be worth it though!


Its Black background with white text atm, but I have made a UI bar at the bottom for saving, inventory and other actions, but wanting to get the story figured out before I do the graphical work

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