Tone Control Season 2 Episode 11: Siobhan Reddy of Media Molecule!

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Tone Control 25:

Tone Control 25

Siobhan Reddy
Due to some scheduling requirements, we take a break from our GDC chats to visit sunny London, England! While I was in the UK for BAFTA, I sat down with longtime Media Molecule Siobhan Reddy to talk about her time spent helping run her parents' skate shop in Australia (!), the world of mid-'90s web design (!) and working on Discworld Noir (!!) before her time as a producer on the Burnout series, and her years at Media Molecule helping lead creativity-focused productions like Little Big Planet and the upcoming Dreams.

Games Discussed: Discworld Noir, Burnout 3, Burnout Revenge, Little Big Planet, Tearaway, Dreams


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The two pronunciations Siobhan offered of her name were like night and day to me (I grew up speaking Irish/Gaelige/"Gaelic" so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Steve is lucky he hasn't come across any Bláthnaids, Muireanns, Caoimhíns and/or Aodháns in game development yet.


Also... AIRBLADE! I remember playing Airblade. I remember it being very difficult.

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