Your thoughts about a new procedural tool for creating 3d building models

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Hi everyone:
We are developing a tool for creating, in a few minutes, 3D models of all types of buildings (castles, houses, office buildings,...). You just need to define roughly the external layout of the building, the graph defining the rooms connections, select your preferred styles, and the tool constructs everything else.  
Here you can watch some results in sketchfab (and download the models) we have generated with the tool
We'd love to hear any ideas your might have. Concretely, we would like to know your opinion about these three questions:


  • Do you think that this tool would be useful? If otherwise, What do you think this tool would need to be interesting for you (e.g. hyper realistic models, creating whole towns, VR integration, ¿)?
  • Would you pay $25/month for using this tool? Would you pay $5 for a created model? If otherwise, what would it need to be interesting to pay for these models?
  • We are developing a basic web interface, an REST/Python/C# API,  and a plugin for a common application (e.g. unity, unreal, 3dmax, Maya,...) Which environment would you prefer ?

Thank you very much for your help and time.

The Lurtis team

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