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infamous space turtle

Call me Ishmael_353 (Sea Of Thieves)

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Just finished playing the beta and thought id get a thread going. 


Releases 20 March 2018 and currently in a closed(ish) beta till Jan 31st

I'm excited about this game, though I have some concerns about how long it'll hold people's attention. 

A few of what I dig:

  • Sea combat is incredible. As a team or alone the process of working to out maneuver the enemy feels really fresh. Huge swell tilts the ship, changing elevation, pirates run up and down the deck with sea spray flying everywhere. Its hectic and exhilarating.

    I love the freedom to approach the combat in less direct ways. One stormy night while sailing alone I spotted a two person ship headed in my direction. I killed the lights, dropped anchor and dived into the swell. They pulled up and boarded my empty dark ship while I quietly slipped up their vessels ladder, lifted the anchor and sent it oncourse to nearby rocks. 

    There's a ton of stories like this with players using the mechanics to devise creative solutions to battle. 


  • The atmosphere is incredible, seriously the way the audio cues hit with catching the wind and cresting a wave. I've never felt more like a salty dog. 

What I don't dig:

  • The combat is great until it peters out into a mushy unclear end. Unless a ship is sunk the battles can become kinda endless. Even if one team boards the enemies boat and kills everyone, the other team will just respawn, kill them and it's back to square one. In some cases this is fine but sometimes it turned a decisive victory into a long drawn out back and forth until one team got bored and left or ship was sunk(often people had ran out of cannonballs).

    You can see this in the video above actually. The guy manages to kill everyone yet there's no real payoff, he just stands at the helm trying waiting for the ship to crash and then gets killed when the team begins to respawn.


  • Im worried that the quest system will wear thin pretty quick. There isn't much incentive to go places unless you have a quest objective there and even then its just find the treasure every time. I get that adding AI ships might dilute that "I SEE A SHIP!" experience but i'd really love the to rob merchants on the seas. 

Overall i'd say i'm excited to see how this goes. There's some really incredible moments in here and i'm rooting for Rare to smash it on release. 

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I preordered this when it was announced because Amazon had an E3 deal going. I got my pre-order for $35(CAN), and the game will now cost $80, so I don't have the heart to cancel it unless the game looks real bad. I will likely see you out on the waters! We should see if we can get a Thumb ship going. I'd love this to be a multiplayer game that I actually care about.

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I am likely going to subscribe to the Game Pass thingy - as I will then get all the First-Party stuff.


See you guys on the seas!

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