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[Released] The Real Monkeys

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Hey folks! This is my first Wizard Jam, and my first entry in a public game jam! Hope everyone had at least as much fun as I had trying out something new. I based mine on Important If True 21: The Real Monkeys.


I took about a week off to enjoy the holiday so the scope is very low and I'm really just happy to have completed something for the jam.


I tried my hand at two diversifiers: Talk Is Cheap and Simple Input. It was fun to try making an in-game tutorial without words!



Warning: Audio is necessary for this game! page, Win/Mac/Web versions available:


Here's the Github repo if it's useful to anybody:


Here's the Trello board I used to keep track of ideas, and what got left out of the released version:

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I agree, the game can be tricky but the concept is very nice and satisfying. 


I'm not sure if this even counts as a spoiler, but

maybe you should recommend turning on the sound. The first I checked your page, I didn't have the speakers on and was very confused about the gameplay.


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