Veggie Panino Tactics [Devlog]

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Here we go!


I'm making an interactive comic story.


I browsed through Important If True episodes adding "Tactics" to each to find the most ridiculous thing I could possibly make a game out of. You know, as a challenge! I burst out laughing with this one and thought, "I'll never be able to make anything cool out of Veggie Panino Tactics!" Fast forward one hour and I had sketched out an entire absurd story.

It's, uh, about a vegetable man and his war with monsters made of meat. So, like, my own take on vegetarianism I guess.




I'm doing this! Yesterday, I came up this idea and thought it was grand. Today I spent most the day convincing myself it is waaay too stupid. But finally, I said "screw it!" and it's now an official devlog any everything so I can't possibly go back on it...


Long live wizjam!

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So cool how a random idea like that still reflects back on what's happening in your life, your take on vegetarianism. Good luck, sounds ace!

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