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Important If True 36: Never Say Goodbye

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The talk about high school in this week's episode brought back some intense memories.

I did start high school in 2007, and got my Facebook account right before my freshman year. It was as terrible as you can imagine, and honestly, in many ways, worse.


The early days of Facebook were kinda a wild west in terms of the apps people were making for it. Listening to this episode made me remember two particular apps, that I think will illustrate just how terrible it was.

One was an app, I can't remember the name, where you could anonymously rate your friends in a number of catergories, and then it would show you your ranking among your friends. These categories included: Hottest, Ugliest, Needs More Sex, Worst Dressed, and a variety of other superlatives, both negative and positive. Not only could you rate your friends on this, but you also could anonymously comment on the rankings!!


Another app was called Honesty Box. All it did was let you anonymously message your friends, they could respond to you, and they had absolutely no way of finding out who sent that message!!!!


Both of these apps were used by a huge number of students in my high school. I haven't really thought about the time in my life where I used these apps for a while now, probably for good reason. Can you imagine your 15-16 year old self having access to these kinda things? I am only now, reflecting back, realizing how deeply fucked up it is that we had access to these tools at this age.

I hope social media is still not like that.

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Haha, I had to take a three month break on Important If True because I wanted to finally see The Usual Suspects before Jake talked about it.


Finally watched it on Friday, cool movie! Just was on my watchlist for almost 20 years. I think in late 90's I started thinking I need to see it some day.


The New Remo Order is the best story.

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