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Guess you Steam top 10 most played

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Stealing this from the latest Crate and Crowbar episode. Guess the top 10 games in your steam library by playtime, post your guess here then see how well you did and talk about what games you wish weren't on there or what games you believe should be higher.


My guesses:
1. Crusader Kings 2
2. Skyrim

3. Civilization 5

4. Hearts of Iron 4

5. Europa Universalis 3

6. Fallout 4

7. Stellaris

8. Total War: Warhammer 1

9. Kerbal Space Program

10. Hitman 2016


The real list:



EDIT: Well I was like 50% accurate. I am pretty sad that I actually spent 153 hours on Empire Total War. I really wanted a Paradox Grand Strategy game at the time, but didn't know they existed. Surprised I have spent that much time in Elite, but maybe I guessed it was lower because I had a lot of fun and it didn't feel like 205.

Thank goodness WoW isn't on steam, I haven't played since 2009 but I think I had over a Year of in game time when I quit.

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This is a fun idea. My guesses:


1. Hitman 2016

2. Magic Duels 2012

3. Spelunky

4. Magic 2014

5. Big Pharma


7. Skyrim

8. Mass Effect

9. GTA V

10. Mad Max


The real list:



80% accurate on contents if not order. I actually check my list on occasion so I was confident about the first three. Hitman, Spelunky, and Invisible, Inc. all well deserve their places, and I'm pleasantly surprised to see Mad Max so high; I adored that game and have no regrets about time spent. Mass Effect doesn't count (half was an ex's playthrough) so my real #10 is Dark Souls.


Overall I'm happy with the list except maybe Magic, but for a long time it was the game I played to occupy my hands while listening to podcasts. Across the series I have 185 hours :blink:

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Hmm. Guessing is going to be tough. I've looked at my top 10 plenty of times but I have zero recollection of it. Everything after the first 2 is basically just a wild guess about something likely in the top 10.


1. Dota 2

2. Company of Heroes

3. Spelunky

4. Men of War

5. Company of Heroes 2

6. Team Fortress 2

7. Fallout New Vegas

8. The Witcher 3

9. Skyrim

10. Alpha Protocol




I totally forgot Natural Selection 2 and Nuclear Throne existed, so I should've put them up there for sure. I realize now that Company of Heroes, partway through its lifespan, changed its Steam executable and I think that counts as a new game. I didn't know I played that much Assault Squad 2. The #11 and #12 slots were Skyrim and The Witcher 2. I bought The Witcher 3 on so obviously Steam didn't track my playtime so I'm an idiot for putting it on my list... I played The Witcher 2 twice which explains how it's so high. Alpha Protocol is down at 37 hours so I wasn't too far off. No real surprises or disappointments or anything I'd say except that TF2 is down at 27 hours, which seems wrong to me. I swear I played that game forever. Am I simply delusional?

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I checked it not too long ago, so I'm mostly doing it from memory:


1. Bioshock Infinite (explanation for this travesty further down)

2. Frozen Synapse

3. Dark Souls

4. FTL

5. Dark Souls 2

6. Invisible Inc.

7. Valkyria Chronicles

8. Spintires

9. Euro Truck Simulator 2

10. Thief (yes, the new one. no really)




For the record, my one playthrough of Bioshock Infinite was more like 12 hours long. The 180 hour status is some kinda smear attack by Steam upon my gamer credit!


And FTL and Valkyria Chronicles were #11 and #12 on my actual list, but I was wayyyy off on ETS2(38h) and Invisible Inc(24h).


XCOM, DXHR, FC3 and Dead Island tho? Oh yeah, I remember those. They were fun!

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My guesses:


1. Dota 2


3. Dishonored 2

4. Prey

5. XCOM 2

6. Spelunky

7. Civ 5

8. Thief

9. Hitman

10. EU4


My actual list:




Pretty close! I hadn't realized I had spent that much time on Dark Souls 3 but I guess it makes sense since I got about mid way through the game, and then picked it back up at some point and started a new playthrough. I almost picked Rocket League but thought it was probably around no. 11. A lot of the recent immersive sims games are high up on my list because I'll play one, and then my wife will play it as well.

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I checked this some time ago, so I remember some of the more surprising ones, but not the actual top 10.



1. The Witcher 3

2. Skyrim

3. Metal Gear Solid 5

4. Civilization 5

5. NBA 2K14

6. Spelunky

7. Kerbal Space Program

8. Fallout 4

9. Stardew Valley

10. Deus Ex Human Revolution



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This is so difficult! i don't play a lot of games on steam, and they're mostly short experiences

1. Reus

2. danganronpa 2 

3. magicka

4. metal gear solid V

5. ozmafia!!

6. hatoful boyfriend

7. danganronpa 1

8. night in the woods

9. sexy brutale

10. oxenfree 



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1. Team Fortress 2

2. Spelunky

3. AdVenture Capitalist

4. Skyrim

5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

6. Zombidle something or other some dumb zombie idle game

7. Civilization 4

8. Downwell

9. The Walking Dead

10. Hotline Miami?




I am bad at this. Hotline Miami was actually #23.


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Man, the vast majority of this list is going to be a total shot in the dark. I usually don't spend that much time on games, and have only ever got into a couple of multiplayer ones. The only one I know for sure is Rocksmith 2014 is my number one by about 8x what I've spent with game #2.


1. Rocksmith 2014

2. GTAIV (played a lot of multiplayer...)

3. Fallout 3

4. Rocksmith

5. The Witcher 3



...and now we get into total guesses.


7. Portal 2? (I beat it and it's co-op twice each)

8. Assassin's Creed Black Flag? (I got 100% on all the side islands, so I played a whole bunch)

9. Just Cause 2/3? (probably at least one of these. I put in a lot of time)

10. Saint's Row The Third?


Ok, let's check this fucker out:



Image cuts off, but New Vegas is 46 hours. Weird, my guesses were way more off than I thought. I was sure I had over 100 hours in Fallout 3 (played it and all of the expansions to 100% completion). Maybe the tracking has changed since then or something? Also, Mass Effect 2 should probably be somewhere on there after 3 100% playthroughs over the years. I think this is just making me question the accuracy of Steam's tracking more than anything else...


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Steam has only tracked playtime since early 2009: Many games have also changed ID over the years (as @TychoCelchuuu noted) thanks to special editions, including Fallout 3.


That suggests another guessing game: which games would be in your top 10 if they'd been tracked properly? Mine would include TF2 and maybe Max Payne 2, I must have played through the latter at least 4 times.

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14 hours ago, TychoCelchuuu said:

@Henke how did you get 54 hours out of Thi4f?


I played through it twice, plus did all the sidequests and spent some time with the Chain & Gain challenge mode.


I have a complicated relationship with the series. Thief 2 is one of my all-time faves. Thief 3 was a huge disappointment. By the time Thi4f rolled around, from a different team and with myriad changes in the gameplay from classic Thief, my expectations were not high. Still, I played it and... well, ended up having a real good time! It's certainly not perfect. The narrative is a mess and the level design is really only good in the middle portion of the game. But I enjoyed the gameplay a lot. A solid 7/10 stealthgame!

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1. TF2

2. L4D

3. L4D2

4. CS:GO

5. Dark Souls

6. Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin

7: Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

8. Fallout: New Vegas

9. Dark Souls 3

10. Super Hexagon


I don't know off-hand if Steam includes software in the list. If it does, then I think Aseprite will be in there probably around #7. Let's find out!


Ahh, I forgot about Terraria and Borderlands and I've spent more time in Aseprite than I thought. Other than that, pretty close.


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Rocket League

Bad Company 2


Left 4 Dead 2

Empire: Total War



Shogun 2

Shadow of Mordor



Hah, I was so wrong.


Notably, two of those are games my dad played primarily (Empire) and totally (Defiance, lol). I had genuinely forgotten Modern Warfare was on Steam, and man those hours of Elite pile up on you. I did manage to get 5 of the top 6 though! Skyrim is 11th. I knew TF2 wasn't going to be on the list, but only because I played a ton of hours before they started logging them.

Most Played Games.png

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Nice idea.


My guesses below. The last few were tough to pick!

  1. Dota 2
  2. Rocket League
  3. Battlefield: Bad Company 2
  4. Counterstrike: GO
  5. Civilization 5
  6. Playerunknowns Battlegrounds
  7. Skyrim
  8. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  9. Counterstrike: Source
  10. Dark Souls: Prepare to Die edition


And reality below. Not bad for the top half, with the exception of totally forgetting about my Dayz obsession (which is what ARMA was for). Also, holy shit I play a lot of shooters...



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Let's see...


1. Counter-Strike

2. Super Meat Boy

3. Mass Effect 2

4. Arma II

5. Dark Souls

6. Dark Souls II

7. Mass Effect


beyond that I'm quite clueless, I don't think I can guess any of them




Okay, I'm happy with my #8 because I love The Sith Lords. Deus Ex HR, not so much but my sister's play through is also in there (same for Mass Effect). Dragon Age I would very much like to not be there, I didn't have any fun with it but felt obligated to finish it and it just edged out Half-Life. My next play through will remedy that.


I actually have way, way more than 500 hours in Counter-Strike, but most of that was before they introduced the persistent time tracking. It's probably over 10,000 hours if I had to guess, by 2009 I barely played it any more. Super Meat Boy will overtake Mass Effect 2 because I still have one achievement to get and it's gonna take some time. Arma II is all DayZ, and I probably have as many hours of it outside Steam.

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  1. Dark Souls 2
  2. Binding of Isaac (original)
  3. Binding of Isaac Rebirth
  4. WarFrame (if Steam logs hours)
  5. Don't Starve
  6. Spelunky
  7. FTL
  8. Torchlight 2
  9. Risk of Rain
  10. XCOM




6 of 10 called, though to be fair Stardew Valley is too high, as both the lady and I played on my account on it, so a bunch of those hours on it are hers.  If it had bumped off, it would have been King's Bounty: WotN, which jesus that was a game that made me hate it.  I deleted it without finishing it because it was so big and I was so tired of it.  I'm genuinely surprised that Spelunky, FTL, XCOM and BoI original aren't even in the top 15 given how much time I put into each of those.  I was also just dumb and brainfarted Renowned Explorers, of course it would be there, I've played the shit out of it.  WarFrame's hours are somewhat inflated, because I know it got left idling a fair amount and I left it running on my second monitor farming for awhile, or monitoring trade chat at work to buy/sell stuff.  But it still is probably my most played game.

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Oh geez. Well the top 3 should be easy because I recently checked the hours played on those. But the rest I have no clue. I played a lot of Fallout 3, but I bought a boxed copy so that is probably not on my Steam list.


1- Dota2 (1000-ish hours)

2- Team Fortress 2 (350-ish)

3- Civ 5 (100 ish)

4- XCOM 2

5- Dark Souls 1

6- Civ 4

7- FTL


9- Binding of Isaac

10- Spelunky


Aaaaand here's the results: 



Not sure if I'd count Substance since they're 3D art tools I use for work, and similarly I didn't actually play Quadrilateral Cowboy I just had it open as reference for work. So I included 13 items.

Turns out I've played way more Thumper and way less PUBG than I thought. And now that I think of it most of my Isaac playtime is Rebirth on Vita and PS4.


Really interesting how some games mentally fill more time than they do, and vice versa. I could have sworn I had at least 30+ hours in PUBG and Left4Dead2, but both only lie at around 14 and 19 hours respectively. And Punch Club which I mostly played casually in the background while I was rendering lightmaps I didn't expect to even pass 10 hours. 

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