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I'm pretty sure I found your armored fortress @adsmz

You are pretty close to me I just haven't been traveling North until last night. I was also surprised to see how close I am to the first place I spawned when I came onto the server. 

I am not the person who removed half of that wooden house but I did paint over the sign to remove the reference to a sex-crime.



I made a sachel charge for the first time to blow up my own wooden door. Now that I'm getting familiar with what can be crafted in Rust I'm wanting to go spend some time on a violent server and see how well I do solo. 

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Hi! I haven't posted on this forum before, but I've been playing with youse on the Rust server :3


I haven't been able to log on for a week, so thought I should post and let you know.


I guess there'd have been a wipe by now?



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